DACA bipartisan agreement, border wall comes later


Trump and the liberal establishment agree to save the kids that came to the US illegally. Border wall will come later. Schumer and Pelosi are happy and make it sound like the wall is completely out of the picture.

“This is a positive step toward the President’s strong commitment to bipartisan solutions for the issues most important to all Americans,” the statement said. “The administration looks forward to continuing these conversations with leadership on both sides of the aisle.”

Trump working across party lines, …what could go wrong?


Good. I have a co-worker who legalized under DACA. He’s married, and just had his third kid.

While he is safe now regardless of how this turned out, my thoughts turn to the 1,000s just like him, who aren’t through the process yet, who could be punished for something that was never under their control.

They grew up here, because their parents brought them here. They are culturally American, and have little to no ability to thrive anywhere else but here. Not to mention the families who, if either they go with them, or stay here, will be equally made to suffer.

Allowing this situation to degenerate, to punish people who committed no wrong themselves, makes us seem like rigid ideologues. It’s a fight where the moral high ground would be on the left, and they would have a field day running roughshod over us with.

The smart answer is don’t let them have that ground. Fix the issue ourselves. Or the left will get to fix it for us.


But what could go wrong?


No more than what we’ve already experienced. Fixing DACA is maintaining the status quo, where these acculturated illegal immigrants get to gradually come out from under the table, and not remain as an underclass.


It’s clear you’re focusing on the policy and DACA and I’m thinking about the politics - two different worlds. For Trump this is a critical move, moral high ground or not, and it could become a problem.

Many will say this ends up playing in his favor - but if it doesn’t what would the fallout be?

If it does, what does this buy him?


Then again; status quo.

The demographic least likely to vote is the cross section of poor and Hispanic. Not mention these are just legal residents when it’s all said and done, not citizens.

The biggest politic effect it could have had, is letting it degenerate into a moral crisis where we are punishing people who don’t deserve it. That would have galvanized people who lean left, bringing in those who eschewed the polls in the last election out of disgust.

Again, the smart answer is don’t let them have that.


DACA kids aren’t the political target - and Democrats won’t consider Trump any better for doing this - but Trump’s own base will be upset if he doesn’t get the wall, and now Democrats can shoot that down separately. But will they?


Then pass another law with Republican support that builds the wall. Do you really need more than a simple majority to achieve this?


It’s ALREADY “going wrong.” Since the DACA issue started getting so much publicity, families with small children illegally crossing the border is UP about 33% pretty much as happened after Reagan’s amnesty in the 80’s. “If they’ll do it once, they’ll do it again,” seems to be the attitude.


Then fix the immigration system.

Bad bureaucracy is bad bureaucracy, no matter what the Government function, and our immigration system is rife with it.


Just gonna laugh my tail off if that wall doesn’t get built. I realize not all Republicans promised this, so it’ll be slightly more excusable than failing to repeal Obamacare. Still that’s one of Trump’s defining campaign promises.

Then again, I’ll laugh my tail off if it does get built, especially if they waste money making it solar.

Meanwhile, the country is $20 trillion in debt with no end to overspending in sight with a Republican Congress and president.


Read between the lines: No Wall, No DACA.

There is a chance that this move will slap the GOP back into a state of consciousness. Do they seriously believe that they will not get their clock cleaned next year even with their non-existent record, their coffers filled by the donor class and their old motto “we aren’t as bad as the other guys”. For sure, they will blame Trump . They are a joke and an embarrassment,


? Uh, Trump is the one negotiating this deal… with the Democrats…


I generally like what Trump’s done. I think Trump needed a graceful way out of the “border wall” because it would be expensive, ineffective and a horrible symbol. The problem as I see it is that mass media would be there every day showing tens of thousands of people penned up on the other side in broiling heat. Are we supposed to feed them and give them water?

I think the way things are now, where people are picked up more or less at random and deported, is enough to make them uncomfortable.and leave.