Dallas meet up BBQ and shoot at Elm Fork Shooting Range. Support your 2A rights!


Hello Folks,
I’m a CHL holder that is a member of TexasCHLForums.com and a couple other gun forum sites.
Recently at the forums someone brought up the idea of a Dallas Meet Up. I have grabbed the bull by the horns as the event coordinator and I thought of you folks.

I am a firm believer far too many people have a CHL and do not train enough. Being a massive responsibility (carrying a firearm) I strongly feel continuing training is paramount in avoiding the accidental shooting of an innocent in a life and death situation. Not to mention shooting is just plain fun. If you like shooting or are considering getting your Texas CHL (or both) listen up!

On April 6 we’re having a BBQ either at the Elm Fork Range in Dallas or at a park close by and then a fun shoot at Elm Fork (should the BBQ be elsewhere).

So far we have 30 people registered which means 15-20 that will show up. I’m continuing to recruit for this event and hope to hit 30-40 attendee’s by April 6. I hope some Dallas members will come on out and bring your pistols for some great fun. Assume you’ll need a minimum of 100 rounds per shooter (meaning bring a friend or two) But I’m bringing 300 rounds as I plan to shoot, eat, and shoot some more.

If you’d like to attend please shoot a PM to me and I’ll send more info.




I wonder if my daughter will show up for that. She lives near Dallas and has a CCL.


If there are Dallas area members that have wanted to shoot but do not own a firearm and want a safe controlled environment with firearms instructors and professionals ensuring all is safe this is a great opportunity. Susanna if your daughter would like to attend please have her contact me. I’ll pm my email address to you.


Are there no Texans in the Dallas area that would like to BBQ and shoot???


I cannot attend regrettably.


It’s crawfish season, otherwise I might find a reason to go up there.


How about I buy a bunch of crawfish and we do a crawfish boil???
Then kill paper zombies. Just a thought.


I emailed her. She hasn’t responded. She doesn’t pay much attention to me and her brother any more.


I’ll go home and get my rifle and shoot it south towards Dallas.


Careful son, we shoot back. :machinegu


Ha, we both know you Texans couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a machine gun. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Boomer Sooner.


I doubt that is a fight you dirt burglars truly want. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keeed, I keeed!


Ha nah, I consider Texans and Oklahomans one and the same. The culture is remarkably similar.


Except Texas has real beer


That’s for sure. I did spend 2 years of my childhood in Muskogee :slight_smile:
Of course ridiculing each other seems to be the hallmark of both cultures.


They got a couple good breweries now, and I make sure to buy some Jolly Pumpkin products that we can’t get down here when I pass through :slight_smile:


Haha we sell our good beers in liquor stores. Most annoying thing ever.


I wasnt just referring to Texas breweries like Shiner but that the Oklahoma law that beer has to be 3.2% alcohol or less


They can sell stronger stuff, but it’s a major bummer that it has to be at liquor stores and sold off the shelf though :frowning:


Well hell son I ddn’t know you were in OK. We’re neighbors!!
In fact I like your state government better than mine!!!