Dallas prosecutor refuses bring charges on poor who steal necessities


Dallas County, Texas District Attorney has come up with a new “progressive reform.” If a poor person steals “necessities” like food or baby diapers totally less than $750, he will not prosecute them for the crime. If you think I am making this up, here is the link to the story.


Here’s one more example of the “Eric Holder system of justice.” If the DA doesn’t like a law, he nullifies it by refusing to prosecute those commit the crime. Years ago Holder told a convention of DAs that were free to do this , and now it is became the “lawless-ness of the land.”

I can predict what the next complaint will be. After the stores in poor neighborhoods have to close because they can no longer make a go of it with their customers “legally stealing” anything they want, community activists will be complaining that there are not stores poor neighborhoods. What a shock!

I tell you one thing. If the far left gets what they want and the government owns and runs everything, including all of the stores, they won’t ignore thieves. No, that will be “stealing from the people” and that can’t be tolerated.

This is Dallas, Texas, which is supposed to be a “red state.” Image how easy it will be to enact this in a blue state, like California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois or just about anywhere in the Northeast. The far left is doing all it can to end civil order as we known it.


Watch the grocery stores and such start raising prices or going under. Thieves wont even bother to hide it anymore, they’ll just bust up in the
stores, load up a couple of carts and saunter away…


Where are the impeachment proceedings when you really need them? This lawless attorney general should be disbarred in addition to impeached and convicted. He had to have taken oath to uphold the law, but look what he’s doing.

Why should I care since I don’t live in Texas? Lawlessness like this on the part of law enforcement officials is going to spread. When you running in a Democrat dominated state or district, policies like this are a perfect basis for a successful campaign.