Dear Friends,
It is with heavy heart that I start the thread on the shooting of police at Dallas. We do not know the full story, but what we do know is bad:

  1. Officers ,wearing bullet proof vests, are shot and killed by “snipers” at a distance, allegedly from roof tops. Almost a 50/50 separation between WIA and KIA. Very fancy shooting.
    2( Fox News has been vocal on the sophistication of the filmed shooters and their evident training of some sort.
  2. Back-up explosive devices has been a hallmark of ISIS shooters, or those inspired by such. There is talk of one shooter trying to detonate same.
  3. One shooter kills himself rather than be arrested. Seems to point to some fanaticism ,as does the refusal OF THE CAPTURED PERSONS COOPERATING WITH POLICE. (I cannot help but be reminded of another shooter in Dallas, when I was younger. Seems this murky person had nothing to say to police, and we can guess they were none too gentle. He ended up by being shot by Jack Ruby before he could talk.)
  4. Early reports claim officers killed were all white.

Now, I don’t wish to be unkind, but if the Flags of the United States were flown at half mast for the “Orlando bunch”…check for flags near you and they should be at half mast.
**[FONT=arial][SIZE=3]If young Donald Trump can keep his yap shut, this could be a real wake-up call for Republican voters. I don’t wish to involve politics (I’ll leave that to Rev.Jesse Jackson and co.) but…

The Senator**[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]


Now it comes out that the dead suspect did NOT take his own life, but was killed by an explosive device placed near him by a police robot. These MAY be the first shots of the long-anticipated race war that the left has been fostering for a few decades. I’m going to start carrying everywhere.


i have been carrying everywhere and avoid blacks if possible. Muslims also.


I know they aren’t all bad, but the problem is you don’t know who you will meet up with.