Danger or glitch"

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When I click on this topic in the “NEW POSTS” forum, I get a warning that this may be a malicious site.
Don’t know if this is anything the admins can check, or if it’s just my 'puter.
Any corrective advice appreciated.

I have just backed off every time I got that warning even though there was an option of IGNORING and continuing.

I just checked on mine and didn’t get any warning, but all that means is that yours did and mine didn’t. It doesn’t tell us if there really is a problem or not.

I also checked, at work and at home (= two different computers and ISPs), and didn’t get a warning. Sometimes Internet security SW gets things wrong. And Google plays games occasionally, including security warnings for conservative sites in results index listings (haven’t seen that in years). My guess is your security SW.

I send a lot of pix from my cell phone to my work computer - in the process of the work I do, not puppy & kitty pix - and every few weeks the security SW puts one pic on hold. The pix are of power supplies, so I don’t know what the SW didn’t like.

I’ve been getting the same thing, but when I click on the site to go to it. What’s up?

Check to see if your browser is due for an update, sometimes the security certificate of a site won’t be recognized by an out of date browser so the default security warning is issued.


I’m seeing this all over…and only for conservative sites.

Interesting…I have Direct TV Now a streaming service, oddly Fox news and Fox business seem to be “unable to load, System error 40” FREQUENTLY.

I can usually get it to work by reloading and or doing a system restart, but this is a regular happening as in daily or more often…

FWIW, I can connect w/ my ipad, but the PC still gives the warning.
I will see about any updates.

happened to me for Drudge…sometimes Weaselzippers, and other conservative news sites. Never a shopping site. LOL

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Also check your system date and time, a dying CMOS battery will reset the date and time to the date of manufacture on startup; this will cause glitches with sites and services that are security related.

Can you copy the warning and post it here?

Tried, but no success!

Two things.

  1. vBulletin forums, particularly conservative forums, were targeted by hackers quite a lot over the last year. They’ve injected bad stuff into the software, there are a lot of vulnerabilities out there.
  2. Google and other search engines started labeling these sites that were attacked as potentially malicious

RO no longer runs vBulletin. That isn’t to say security is a no-problem state of affairs, but it’s a lot safer here than before.