Dangerous Democrats in the Florida Governor’s race


It seems that all Democrats have become full blown socialists. Here are Florida we are being inundated with one political ad after another. The leading Democratic Socialists are Miami mayor, Philip Levine and multi-billionaire, Jeff Greene. The “moderate” in the race is Gwen Graham, the daughter of former Florida governor, Bob Graham.

Levine is multi-millionaire who has the standard Democrat pitch. He ready to “invest” in teachers by giving them all $10,000 raises, expand Medicare and expand public housing all with no raises in taxes. Yea, right. He got his mother in his ads a bowling alley making that pitch to seniors.

Graham complains about 20 years of Republican domination. When you listen her ads, it makes you wonder how we aren’t all living like the people of Venezuela. Her Socialist opponents attack her because she is not far left enough for them.

Greene is by far the most dangerous. He is a mixture of George Soros and Maxine Waters. In his ads he brags about how his parents worked themselves to death because of capitalism. He does not mention that he is a multi-billionaire developer. His plans are to buy the state legislature when he is nominated for governor by contributing millions to local campaigns. He brags about how he shouted down Donald Trump at social event held at Trump’s Mar a Lago resort. Maxine Waters must be proud.

Greene is the kind of socialist hypocrite who makes me sick. He got rich through capitalism, but now that he has made his, you can’t make yours. He is going to use his wealth to turn The United States in a “people’s republic: with him at the head of it. I hope that his political career will end here, but when you promise everyone something for nothing, it’s hard to stop a movement like that.