Daniel J. Mitchell: Herbert Hoover's Big Government Statism

Here’s More Evidence for Andrew Sullivan about Herbert Hoover’s Big-Government Statism « International Liberty

I had some fun at Andrew Sullivan’s expense a couple of weeks ago, mocking him for asserting that spending cuts today would be repeating the mistakes of Herbert Hoover. That was a rather odd thing for him to write since Hoover boosted the burden of government spending by 47 percent in just four years.

Since it is notoriously difficult to educate Obamaphiles, I’m guessing that he (and others) need some supplementary material.

How about the words of a key aide to Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Would that be considered a legitimate source? One would think so, which means this excerpt from a 2007 book review (the same statement was also cited by PBS) is rather revealing.

“FDR aide Rexford Tugwell would claim in a 1974 interview that ‘practically the whole New Deal was extrapolated from programs that Hoover started.’”

Some good quotes there. Empowering the private sector is the only thing that ends recessions.