Danish Wind Turbine Company That Received Over $50 Million In Stimulus Lays Off 800


Danish Wind Turbine Company That Received Over $50 Million In Stimulus Lays Off 800 Workers
by Tony Lee

13 Oct 2012

A Danish wind turbine company whose subsidiaries received over $50 million in U.S. stimulus dollars announced on Friday it has cut more than 800 jobs in the United States and Canada this year and may be forced to lay off another 800 employees in North America.

This is yet another green energy company that received wasteful stimulus funds and does not even have anything to show for it.

According to Reuters, Vestas, the wind turbine maker, saw its order intake go down by 24 percent during the first half of the year.

Vestas said without more tax credits and stimulus funds, the company will have trouble competing.

Green Hype Fail! More US taxpayer $$ dumped into a non-US company, and now the $$ is flushed into the sewer. Wind and solar power have been sound and fury hypes amounting to nothing for decades. It isn’t likely to change in the coming half-century. It sure would be nice if the US government would see past the tissue-paper-thin everybody’s-doing-it hype and stopping dumping dollars down the sewer every 30 or 40 years!


Or it could be that nobody has the money to buy wind turbines due to the bad economy.


Wind farms, used to see those in California. Nice concept, but you need to be in a place with a steady high wind.

Otherwise, you get nothing. Dams are better.


Yea I used to drive thru those wind farms in Kali, now they are all but silent, almost all have been shut down.


GREEINES shut them down! Ironic huh, the same folks that want them, are the ones that sued to shut them down.

Texas leads the US in wind electric power, but we do it different down here:

  1. All wind power investment is with private funds

  2. All wind power is generated on private lands

In the Obammy adminstration a GREEN project means the WH giving MONEY to donors…


I’m aware of three areas in CA that have/had windfarms: the hills near Benicia (NE SF Bay Area); the Altamont Pass (between the east SF Bay Area and the Central Valley); NE of LA at the West end of the Mojave Desert. All three are about as good as it gets in CA when it comes to being continually windy. Trees near the Benicia site grow at a slant! The windmills near Benicia fell into disrepair in the early 80s and were removed by 1990. Quite a few in the Altamont Pass are operational; many are not. They seem to be falling into disrepair. I can’t speak to the state of the windmills in the LA Area. There are numerous problems with the things, but the worst is that they are intermittent (worse than one might think, as they don’t work with slow wind, and cannot operate safely if the wind is too strong). The Enviros no longer like them because they kill birds. Also, they occupy lots of land and need vehicles for installation and maintenance.

The problem this Danish problem is facing, the real long-term problem, is that wind power is not economically viable. Heavy government subsidies and hidden subsidies mandated on utility rate payers create an illusion of such viability, but hard economic times merely expose the fundamental non-viability.

Solar and wind power are only economically viable in exotic applications that are cost insensitive. That is not likely to change in the next 5 decades, maybe not in a century, and maybe never. Before anyone asks, I have no ties - personal or $$ - to oil, gas or hydro companies. I’m just tired of funding hype and being realistic.


I don’t recall what the area was called, but the wind farms I’m speaking of are probably the same ones (NE of LA) that you mentioned Pete. Used to drive through/past them enroute to LA and Tiajuana from 29 Palms.

I used to see the big dinosaurs from Peewee’s Big Adventure too.


Yep, the GREENIES SCREAM we are killing birds, so most are shut down and or only operate in a restricted cycle. I have been thru the Ca wind farms for many many years and at one time they were the envy, but sadly no more, blame it on the same folks that want them???

Center for BioDiversity, Tucson, AZ in the number 1 killer of all things GREEN and the number 1 GREEN program PRO…Typical liberal, always want it BOTH ways.

FYI its OUR tax dollars that the Center for BioDiversity are spending!!!
The area you speak of is bisected by I 10 going into LA, you go thru Palm Springs. Wind is strong thru there but varies a LOT. What is need is a moderate wind that blows near continously at about the same speed…think West Texas along the I 10 between Junction and Balmorae…[LEFT][/LEFT]