Danny Davis drops out, endorses Carol Moseley Braun in mayor's race


Danny Davis drops out, endorses Carol Moseley Braun in mayor’s race
Posted by John Chase
Chicago Tribune

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis ended his bid for Chicago mayor tonight, endorsing former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun.

Davis said he is endorsing Braun in the name of unity.

“I’m proud that I will be here when Carol Moseley Braun becomes the next mayor,” Davis said. “I come here tonight…to help prove unity is more than just a concept.”

Braun said she is emboldened by the endorsements from both Davis and state Sen. James Meeks, the other major African-American candidate who dropped out of the contest last week. Braun called it a “great way to start the new year.”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson brokered a roughly four-hour meeting Wednesday night with Davis and Braun at his Rainbow PUSH headquarters …

This could get ugly on more levels than I care to try to count! The bottomn line for the people of Chicago, IMO, is that their choice for mayor is between an incompetent fruitcake and a possibly competent thug. Either way, services will suffer and corruption will be guaranteed. This appears to be shaping up as a playing of the race card by some black leaders in Chicago, against the D Party. It could get so ugly as to become a choice posed to Pres. Obama: “Are you a ‘real’ black? Or an Oreo cookie?”