DARPA Robot: Follow Tight



It looks creepy. It needs a new name. Like Cuddles, the friendly friendbot.


Why don’t we just a mule or donkey or camel or horse…


Using traditional pack animals will work in amny cases but they do have limitations such as ensuring access to water and food sources. Even a camel has limitations in the dessert. How well wwould a pack animal recover from a tripping like this robot did? Such robots could also be used for bomb diffusion/disposal. I believe that this technology has even more use wrt exploring the Moon and Mars where a pack animal would be am impossible option.


I guess I was assuming that they’d have to carry fuel for it so that would be the same as food or water. But maybe it has a crazy awesome battery pack or something. I honestly don’t know about the tripping thing. Would an animal have tripped there, would it have recovered? I dunno.

I will say I lol’d when it tripped and rolled and got back up though.


When pack animals trip in rough terrain, it can take them completely out of commision. Per the video, the robot just rolled and got back up.


Yeah, it was pretty cool. Really creepy looking but cool. You’re an electric engineer right? Do you think it was running off of a battery pack?

Also, have you seen the machine that soldiers put on that let’s them ruck with like a ton more weight?


Don’t know if it uses batteries. Would have to research it further. It probably does because that would be quiet compared to a small generator. New battery technology is much lighter with more capacity. However, it looks like it has a strong hull where they could be stored. A bullet in one of those bateries could cause problems for nearby personnel. Fuel for a generator could also be troublesome.

Yes it was a bit creepy and cool at the same time.