Darwin Award Winners (One Dead, Two Living)

From what I’ve read, Roosevelt Rappley was the dead perp and was also involved in several other armed robberies.

America’s indigenous urban peoples consider violent crime to be a legitimate career path, and armed victims to be an OSHA violation.

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She was upset that the clerk had a gun!
(Her brother took a gun to work, why can’t the clerk?)

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This is the attitude you get when you start handing out “participation trophies.”

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Roosevelt was the second of their siblings to be shot in similar circumstances.

The interview cut off in the middle of his sister saying ‘…taking matters into her own…’ Well…if anything happens to that clerk, she’d be the first on the list of suspects.


Every wonder why so many blacks name their boys “Roosevelt” when FDR was a renowned racist? Maybe they mean ELEANOR–who was NOT.

Why do southerners in Georgia have pictures of FDR on their restaurant walls when all this jerk did was to disposess these people, especially those that lived in the mountains, of their land.

The little white house is here, and he is seen as the person who ‘got men back to work’ from the depression.

Maybe they’re named for Teddy…:joy: