Dating Nightmare

So he’s going to take their money and where are the women going to be at fake or like. Man this is a good place for a romance scam I love Peter this time.

There is a long list of failed or now-defunct dating apps aimed at conservatives that have popped up in recent years, including Righter, Donald Dater, TrumpSingles, Patrio and Conservatives Only.

… uh. The dudes I know who date the most women are Trump supporters. Women actually aren’t into purple haired soy eating stick figures, who fit the definition of cuck and may go down on their 2nd best friend who happens to be a guy, and cries whenever their feelings are hurt.

That must be a west coast issue, because every Trumpet here under 30 can’t get a date unless by sheer force. Note the number of failed right wing dating apps. Notice that ultra wealthy conservative finances Peter Thiel says they “need” this. Like the idea of dating is going dry for conservatives. Maybe they need to move to Oregon or Washington to get laid. Fun fact the one trans person I know FTM married a MTF talk about weird eh.

I know a woman who brags constantly about how she’s a lesbian and married to a woman. I met her wife, who has a beard, fake boobs, and has not had his member sliced off; but he does have pigtails.

I am waiting for Biden to introduce “the perfect human being” who will have a the qualifications that the Democrats require. It will be a person of color, who was born female but who is now a completed the trans operation. Now “he” is attracted to other men which makes “him” gay. Having come full circle by checking the qualification boxes, this person would be the perfect presidential candidate. A woman who became a man who is now pretending to be a woman. Such a person would be a psychological mess, which would be similar to what Joe Biden is.

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Everyone who votes democrat is a psychological mess. All of them. If they deny that, it’s because their feelings are hurt because they know.

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