Dave Chappelle on the Jussie Smollett Incident

Yeah, I know.
The Jussie Smollett fiasco has had more than it’s share of publicity but … This is much different and you might even thank me later for a good laugh!

David Chappel speaks for all black folks ever. Davie also shares you great love of Heritage and Confederate statutes. I also said Smollet was an idiot and a liar and a conman who threw under the bus it was Silliessis who went on about how black men love the GOP. Honestly me and Dave are political soulmates but guess what dude votes straight blue. I agree with you on Smollet the thing I disagree with is saying every case of violent ethnic crime is a lie cause you like linked to a site my ISP blocked as hate speech. Like I never seen that happen it’s like CISCO DOMAIN SYSTEMS HAS SAID THIS SITE IS HATE SPEECH. I could of clicked the continue anyway button I chose not to.

Dude claims blackness links to hate sites nuff said.
Every time I prove you wrong I feel like 5 cops are getting beat with fire extinguishers and your parading around hitting people with flag poles. It’s like the last time America disagreed with your type the morbidly obese and severely geriatric attacked the capital I’m kinda of afraid to disagree cause I feel like I’m gonna turn on the news and find a local conservative went inside a PTA meeting with a bunch of flag poles and hit people its like an MO now.

Just remember. He is NOT suicidal.

Remember now.

Best advice I give to people who feign suicide is to walk off a bridge hurl themselves onto an oncoming semi. The people that really do it say nothing, close themselves off give away their possessions and take life into their own hands. Seen it too many times no talking them out of it had a 3 day stay ordered on my cousin he faked wellness got back to somewhere he controlled the narrative and did it. Pisses me off when people use it as a bargaining chip. What is Smollet trying to avoid prison with the I’ll kill myself bit, they’re just gonna put him in a suicide smock and watch him every 15 minutes.

Smollett is the ultimate narcissist who has become obsessed with drawing attention to himself. I never heard of him before his initial hoax, and I have given him passing attention after it.

The best thing normal people could do is ignore him, and let him have his Donald Duck style meltdowns. It will be interesting to see if the left gives him acting work and tries to make him into a hero and victim after he gets out of jail. I know I will ignore him.

I agree, but then again, I wasn’t the one who started a thread about a video that was uploaded two and a half years ago thinking it was current.