David Axelrod warns Supreme Court vacancy fight could 'tear this country apart'


RBG scare: David Axelrod warns Supreme Court vacancy fight could ‘tear this country apart’

Whether our side realizes it or not, we are in a fight for our lives.
It is not President Trump they hate, it is us. He only personalizes us.

As for Ginsburg …

Any sensible Judge in her physical and mental condition would have resigned years ago but she held on, expecting a Clinton victory.

She could then step down under a Clinton regime, and both of them could parade their feminist credentials around for all America to see.

But she was wrong and now she’s a zombie on life support who will try to outlast Trump.


So I’m curious, if she leaves the court a year or less before the election for the next president, should the Senate hold till the next election like they did after Scalia?


Interesting question. In a like vein, if they do and the Dems win the presidency in '20, should Repubs Bork the Dem USSC nomination like the Dems tried to do to Kavanaugh?


It doesn’t matter if they should or not … they won’t.


In fairness…You really should answer my question before you ask me for a follow-up/


All of the leftists were urging her to retire when Obama was in office. You misunderstand her. She has been dying for over a decade and will not step down until she assumes room temperature. It doesn’t matter who is president. You gotta give the old bat credit.


But it does matter, that said, I agree, they will be all over a new nominee like flies on poop proving that the withholding on Obama’s nominee was all bull-crap.


I don’t expect I’ll get a single straight answer to this question. Which says a lot, frankly.


Remember these words? “Elections have consequences.”

The left is unwilling to have a society where peaceful coexistence is possible. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they have no place in their worldview for the continued existence of conservatives. They declared all out cultural and political war, so I say give them war until they howl for mercy. Leave no place in our society for progressives.


I agree, it was bull-crap but “elections have consequences”, quoting BHO. Although the Turtle is a corrupt old f*** I think he’s up to the job of keeping America out of the toilet for another generation.


It’s really sad. When Americans start objectifying other Americas, not as people with differing opinions but as part of some movement they fear (and yes, there are people on all sides that engage in this behavior)…

I’m certain left of most of the people here and I’m none of the things you’ve just labeled me as (being on "the left - whatever that means).

But if that makes it easier for you to use whatever means necessary to mold this nation as you and others like you see fit, fine. But what will be left won’t resemble the America you have in mind.

That said, after what, 3-4 years here? You should know me well enough to know that I don’t support it when people try to justify poor actions because they get traction appealing to peoples fear of some “other side”…
You can’t achieve a good outcome via a corrupt process.

It’s nice to know you share something with “the left” you claim to despise so much.

As far as “Elections have consequences.” So what? Don’t they? That doesn’t mean we should subvert a process like choosing an SC nominee under some set of circumstances only to ignore that same set a few years later.

The consequences of the most recent election of Trump are that Federal judge appointments that were held back by a Senate with a conservative majority while Obama was in office are now LOADED with conservative judges.

This stuff has to stop, the institutions and norms that made this nation the strongest in the world are slowly crumbling and when it falls apart, those that live it will look back to this period and proclaim it wasn’t worth it.


The answer is: Obama was in his final year of his last term … he could not run for President again which is where you get the term, lame duck!

Trump, if ginsburg steps down before Trump’s first term is up is in no way a lame duck because he can possibly win another term as President!
That, my friend is the answer!


Thanks for the laughs…

I knew it would be something like “yeah, but he did it standing on one foot on Tuesday”. That makes it different.

Please, spare me the mental gymnastics.

“The American people are perfectly capable of having their say on this issue, so let’s give them a voice. Let’s let the American people decide. The Senate will appropriately revisit the matter when it considers the qualifications of the nominee the next president nominates, whoever that might be,”


It was ok let the people decide when it was politically convenient for Republicans, but let me guess…When it’s not, they will ignore what they said.


This already isn’t America, and it ain’t coming back.


They’re slowly learning from the democrat playbook, HYPOCRISY 101.


I knew that you wouldn’t like the trut … answer.

The fact is: It’s not a firm rule, it’s the so-called Biden Rule, which is something he announced one day in 1992 when Bush was the President!.

And, of course you as well as all the other liberals … the first thing you do is claim hypocrisy!

Well … You want Hypocrisy?

How’s this:

Joe Biden explains why Senate Republicans citing the ‘Biden rule’ is ‘ridiculous’


Could some kind heart-ed mod get rid of or reduce that Huge picture, created when I posted the link?


At this honesty and fair play don’t count any more. Leadership in the Justice Department and the FBI tried to remove an elected president through a coup. The Democratic presidential nominee supported this move by financing a fake story.

The Democrats have at least two candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are not much different from Hugo Chavez, who led Venezuela to ruin. There are others, who are too far down in the polls, including Julian Castro and Bill DeBlasio, who aren’t much different. All of them are out to hurt people who have worked and saved and played by the rules because the core of the Democrat Party is duty bound to enact a Marxist agenda. No, with the the Democrats acting they are, compromise seems impossible.

No, the Democrat Party has become the party of AOC and the rest of the Squad. They are revolutionaries who will accept no compromises and will never listen to reason. They are anti-Semetic, anti-capitalist and totalitarian in their views. In short, with their current mind set, there are no roads to compromise with them.


If brains were fissile material, AOC and her “squad” couldn’t blow the nose of a gnat!


You think Dems have the Copywrite on hypocrisy? Please, let’s be honest with ourselves, politicians of all stripes have been hypocritical as long as there has been politics.

You notice it more when people that you don’t support it do it. It sort of like when you get a new car or something else and suddenly you notice that thing more.

Go ahead and find me an example of a Democrat being hypocritical, I’ll find two examples of Republicans being hypoocritical.

Now the wheels are turning in your head and you’re already trying to think of something that makes when the Dems do it, worse, or when the Repulicans do it ok.

It’s all bad.