David Axelrod warns Supreme Court vacancy fight could 'tear this country apart'


You either have no idea what really happened in Venezuela or you know nothing about Sanders or Warren. I suspect both.

That’s pretty ironic from where I sit.


That is a pathetic response. You know darn well what Sanders is up to and Warren is far behind him. Just because the Sanders supporters say they don’t support the government owning the means of production does not mean it’s not in their playbook. What they really mean is that they don’t support the government owning and running the economy NOW because they can’t sell the political aspect of it NOW.

That’s what happened in Venezuela. Chavis took over the economy and stole a lot of assets for himself, which part of becoming a communist dictator. Then he proceeded to run the economy to the ground with a central planning system which would not have worked if it had been run by angles instead of devils. It happens time after time.

And yes, I know, things would have been different if Hugo had not gotten sick and died. Yea, right …

Pure socialism has failed miserably where ever it has been tried. It results in repression, poverty and economic stagnation at best and a total economics melt down at worst.

But since you have labeled me as an ignorant, knuckle dragging conservative, why don’t explain what happened in Venezuela? How could Chavis and company manage to take the most vibrant economy in South America and turn it into a basket case? Yes, lower oil prices had an influence, but not the extent to where the country is now.

Tell us what they did wrong, and perhaps you will get job in the Sanders or Warren campaigns to help them avoid the pitfalls.

I read you Venezuela defense post. I will answer you in a day or so.


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Okay. You’ve asked a fair question, and the fact is that I’m not sure. It does seem to be an issue of fair play on one hand, but on the other, QQ may be onto something when he talks about the fact that the left (I’m speaking elected officials at the Federal level (also true of many at the state level)) are largely at war with the right, and I’ve never known them to scruple at anything in the waging of that war. It might well be a matter of all-bets-are-off-and-so-are-the-gloves.

I trust otherwise.

It may not be the case for all or even a majority of leftist voters (although I suspect it’s a disturbingly high percentage none the less), but it’s all too true that most Federal-level (and more than a few state, as I mentioned above) leftist political figures are doing exactly that.


That would also be my take.

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Was that directed at me? FC’s post (quoted below) seems to imply that it was (or maybe he just referenced my response as relevant to whatever you’re on about?) but I went back and looked and didn’t find where it was. I think I answered pretty directly, but I may have missed something…


Even Piers Morgan has noted that the American left has become illiberal and facistic.

Of all the democrat presidential candidates, only Tulsi Gabbard was willing to condemn the violence of antifa. The rest of them either made excuses or avoided the question.

Nancy Pelosi is calling for “throwing punches”.

Lorretta Lynch called for “blood on the streets”.

Actor James Cromwell calls for revolution if Trump is reelected.

Leftwing calls for violence go on and on and on, and their supporters are responding. These are the people with whom csb willingly associates himself, so I no more buy his “I’m not really like them” b.s. than he would buy a member of the KKK claiming to be untainted by racism. Like it or not, sides are being chosen up, and csb is choosing to side with the ‘brownshirts’.


He was quoting me in that post.


Yeah, I get that, but he quoted you referencing me, and my relationship with CSB is…adversarial, I’ll say.


I do believe he was specifically addressing me, as I did in fact ask a follow-on question without answering his like he was talking about.


Okay, then, just checking.