Day of rage a setup????


Pardon my paranoia, but does it seem strange to anyone else that a group of unknowns (ANONYMOUS) should call for a series of 37 demonstrations against police at 37 SPECIFIC locations in 37 cities TODAY? And are 37 groups of “sheep” going to be led into those SPECIFIC places at a certain time? And have the police CHECKED these areas for , I don’t know, bombs, or shooters or some-such? I mean, how could either white extremists, jihadists, or even New Black Panthers going to really get news or play blame game with the police or like that??? I’ll probably have FBI coming to chat if it happens and I predict it, BUT seems mighty suspicious to me!:whistle:



BLM is in tight with our govt and I would bet money that they are getting govt funding either direct or indirect.


So the situation in Baton Rouge was allegedly calming down when they saw that the “victim” was a armed pedophile …who was selling videos…(what kind of videos? No one has ever said…likely kiddie porn or some such. And so the anarchists gotta stir things up with some cop blood…Baton Rouge and the law-abiding African-Americans in this country ought to learn something from this. “War is not the answer;only love can conquer hate.” Marvin Gaye…
But they won’t…and if I was a cop, I would draw down on EVERY PERP that didn’t obey me at once…
Stand by.


The shooter was a New Black Panthers party member, and a Nation of Islam member.

BLM, NBP, and NoI need to be listed as and treated as terrorist organizations.


Just the other day someone from the Black Panthers said something about the war is on. I have a feeling they will end up experiencing what happened to the Black Panthers in Chicago so many years ago.