DC Muslim Cop charged with jihad crimes fought alongside Al Qaeda


[COLOR=#333333][FONT=&amp]12 year Washington DC police officer Nicolas Young had been under surveillance since 2010. He had been to Libya twice in 2011 fighting alongside jihadis waging war to overthrow the secular government of Qaddafi. A Hillary jihadi.
What took the Obama administration so long to charge this police officer? He was being surveiled for six years, waged jihad in Libya in 2011 and incited to violence on a regular basis.

Here is another example of governments which know someone is a jihadist permitting them to walk around. Six years this guy was known to be a supporter of ISIS. Other examples are the Fort Hood killer who the military was preaching hate toward our country and trying to convert soldiers. Someone with a little common sense would round these individuals up when they try to reenter the country as well as stop payments some of these guys get on welfare while being able to afford to leave the country.