DC (School) District May Become ‘Thing of the Past’


DC (School) District May Become ‘Thing of the Past’


… after the flight of more than 40 percent of students from traditional district schools to charter schools over the last decade, not to mention the voucher program, the DC School District was forced to announce yet another round of traditional public school closings.

Fifteen underutilized schools will close under the new plan, which could save $8.5 million, or about 1% of the District’s $800 million school budget. The board says it would use the savings to improve programming in the remaining schools within the system.

The goal would be to make the remaining traditional schools more attractive to parents who increasingly flock to charters or using private school vouchers. The Washington Post quotes David Catania, chairman of the city council’s education committee, saying the flock to charters may make traditional public schools, “a thing of the past.”

40% of DC students are going to charter and private schools over PSs? Holy cow! That explains why Pres. Obama is killing the funding programs that encouraged this switch! From another POV, this is both exciting and sobering. DC PSs have long been abysmal. But now the rubber is hitting the road for charter schools especially and for voucher programs. Will the children who fled PSs leave high school with a better education, and head for college in higher numbers and do better there? I don’t think they could be any worse, but that’s not anything like a high standard. But if they end up doing far better …!


Lead by example BO. Send your kids to Public School!


Not a chance. Just like the Klintonistas–they told the rest of us to send our children to public schools, but Chelsea went to an exclusive private school. LET THEM EAT CAKE!! Or, in the Czareena’s case, “LET THEM EAT VEGGIES!!”