Dear Abby and the DVR


Tonight I was reading deqr abby and the subject was phone calls. A woman was upset because she would call a friend and he friend would tell her she would call back later. This woman thought it was rude for this lady to do so.

Well I have some experience with that in I have people who call me during TV shows or while I am eating and they have the same reaction. I had one who would drop by during one of my favorite shows constantly and another who called during meals, he explained he knew I would be there.

I do not not know about anyone else but I started to record all my programs for that reason.

Then there is the annoying phone calls but I usually can screen them. If there is no name I do not answer.

Any one else come up with similar solutions?


Sounds like you got it whupped… I don’t have a DVR, but then I don’t watch tv either!!!..and almost nobody calls me and even fewer stop by, so I don’t have that kind of problem, and therefore never thought up a solution for it :wink:


I never thought I would appreciate this feature when I got my Smartphone but texting saves me a lot of time now. I used to spend an enormous amount of time on the phone but usually the original reason someone called me was a quick issue that expands to a long converstation, with a text this entire exchange takes just a few seconds.

But I would not trade my DVR, I watch everything I follow late at night except for the NFL but even that I record and watch the games about an hour behind.


Sam, it is the people who are interupting your dinner or show who are being rude, and ought to be the ones apologizing - not getting upset. Where are people’s manners, anymore?

Maybe you ought to start calling their homes as soon as you know they’ll be in bed?

And if anyone consistently stopped in during my favorite show, I’d turn the volume UP, not the t.v. off.

But to answer your question, no. Most people I know know better. (Or know how good my aim is w/the Ms. Manners hardcover. lol)
Oh…And if anyone asks if he/she may call back, I immediately apologize for having interupted, and get off their phone asap. Same, vice~verse.