Dear Ann Coulter: Babies conceived in rape are not cannon fodder


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From the linked article:

November 9, 2012 (RebeccaKiessling) - I knew this would happen! I predicted that Republican party apologists would blame Richard Mourdoch and Todd Akin’s losses on the fact that they are 100% pro-life, instead of acknowledging that the losses were due to how poorly they expressed their positions. And sure enough, the day after the election, Ann Coulter did just that. In her article entitled, “Don’t Blame Romney,” she spent half of the article blaming these two Senate candidates for daring to defend the life of every preborn child. Her exact words were, “these two idiots decided to come out against abortion in the case of rape and incest,” calling them “pro-life badasses,” “purist grandstanders,” with “insane positions,” who were “showing off.” Unfortunately, Coulter has a huge following and will surely influence many uninformed readers with her misstatement of the facts and her flawed reasoning. I have great concern that these Senate losses will have a chilling effect on pro-life legislators and voters. Hence, a swift and thorough response is in order.

Ann Coulter, referenced “all the hard work intelligent pro-lifers … in the trenches” and what they have accomplished, as if she was one of them. Well, I’ve been in the trenches since 1995, and I must point out that Ann Coulter has been missing in action. I’ve never once seen her in here, so I can’t comprehend how she could possibly include herself in this group. I’m a hard-working, intelligent pro-life activist, and I’m 100% pro-life – for good reason. I was not only conceived in rape, but nearly aborted at two back-alley abortionists. The only reason I wasn’t killed through a brutal abortion is because I was legally protected. My heroes are those pro-life legislators and activists who were hard-working and intelligent enough to understand that mine was a life worth saving.

From a Pro-Life POV, if a yet unborn child conceived in consensual sex is a human being, how is such a child conceived due to a rape any less a human being? But blaming defeat on Pro-Life people has been the sport of choice (pun fully intended) of Mo-o-o-o-oderates after every R defeat. The funny thing is - something I’ve been pointing out since spring of 2000 - every R President starting with Ronald Reagan was/is Pro-Life. Since that time G. W. Bush extended the number of Presidential election wins by Pro-Life candidates from 3 wins to 5 wins. And the number of Pro-Abortion R Presidents since 1980? Exactly ZERO!


I don’t understand this whole line of thinking, and to be quite honest, I am shocked that Ann Coulter hopped onto this bandwagon. If anything, the pro-life position should strengthen the conservative population. But, I guess it’s true that the conservative population has been compromised with RsINO. We will never EVER win an election purely on a fiscal conservative position. Some people just don’t get the fact that all of the issues that conservatives/Republicans espouse are ROOTED in morality–or “social conservatism” being the new coinage. I believe part of the reason we lost the election is because repubs/conservatives are a splintered group unlike the dumbocraps who all agree on their policies.


Should the government force women who are raped to carry through with the pregnancy, on pain of punishment?


If one believes that abortion is the heinous murdering of innocent human life, then how a child came to be conceived has no bearing on the fact of its humanity. We do not legislate the legal murder of human beings. In the very rare case where a woman conceives from a rape, there is always adoption. We should NEVER accept murder as a “solution” to a problem. Abortion alone has caused the rampant social ills we face today. It is from this base evil that all other malificent behaviors have been borne.


I can and I do blame Akin. It was obvious that we was no longer electable after his badly chosen words. He should have stepped down. Instead in stayed in the race, for selfish reasons IMO, and lost it costing the Republicans not only the seat he was running for but he hurt Romney’s chances as well.

The first step in changing public policy to protect life is to win the election. If you can’t win, then get out and let someone that has a chance run. Right now we have abortion on demand as the law of the land. We are not going to change the law of the land into a 100% pro-life position in a single election. We need to do it incrementally and you don’t do with with all-or-nothing positions and candidates. If all we do is cut Planned Parenthood’s funding out of the law, that IS progress towards the goal. Then maybe in a couple years we can take the next step to changing hearts, minds and the law.


Is a child conceived in rape any less worthy of the right to life?


In that, I agree. However, that does not mean that we should be like the dumbocraps by saying one thing during the campaign and then doing something else afterwards. The protection of life should NEVER be hidden away under a basket! Let’s put slavery into the same scenario. It doesn’t work because the evil of slavery is so blatantly obvious. To try to water it down, quiet it down, is an affront to everything truthful and good. You can’t say publicly, “Well, I personally own some slaves and see nothing wrong with it. Let’s regulate it, though.” And then once in office, legislate against it! It is a total contradiction.

Also, let’s remember what God says about lukewarmness: “But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.” (Apoc. 3:16)

And, our Lord Jesus also reminds us: “But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven.” (Matt. 10:33)


Ann Coulter is a lying, Liberal fake who cons Conservatives into buy her books while working tirelessly to eradicate all Conservative influence in practical politics.

The fact that she still garners any attention after the crap she pulled over the last year is amazing, I get why the Establishment GOP liberals love her but why on earth would any genuine Conservative give her the time of day?

Coulter, Will, Steyn and all the Akin/Murdock attackers belong in the Pelosi Party, that is where the baby killers are celebrated and that is where cowardice, sloth and deception are rewarded.


Let’s not get things confused here. Akin did not lose because he was pro-life. He lost because he came off sounding like he was pro-rape. Fair or not, that is how it came off. He further added fuel to the fire when he doubled down on his statements. It is very difficult for anyone to vote for a candidate that sounds like they said rape was God’s will.

I think he meant the unborn life and not the rape was God’s will. But he did a very poor job trying explaining that. He became a toxic candidate. As we went down in flames the dragged some of Romney’s votes with him.


Completely false, Akin’s words were NOTHING.

The response of the Establishment GOP Liberals to Akin’s words were what gave these ridiculous accusations credibility and legs.

The Establishment GOP destroyed this election, not Akin, Murdock, West or anyone else. The Liberals in the GOP see Conservatives as enemies to be destroyed on the flimsiest of reasons, just like the Liberals in the Demoncrat Party.


Completely false.

Nobody with a 2nd grade education or higher could have been confused by Akin’s words and the context he spoke them, this is just the justification the GOP Left is using to eradicate Pro Life candidates from their ranks.

He lost because the Establishment GOP helped the Demoncrats misrepresent what he said and then pulled all the Party support from his campaign.


How exactly did they do that? Did they make him say those words? Did they tell Obama to make ads using Akin’s words followed by Romney’s endorsement? Did they tell Akin to double down on what he said to shoot himself in the foot? Did they call all the news networks and tell them to cover not only his original words but the subsequent doubling down on them over and over?

There is only one person to blame for Akin’s defeat, Akin.


The GOP (Including Romney) raced to the front of the line to condemn Akin, pull financial support and request his resignation WITHIN DAYS of his comments being misrepresented.

THAT is why the Liberal spin took hold
THAT is why he lacked the funding to adequately refute these claims
THAT is why he lost the lead that he had EARNED by being a genuine Conservative

Akin’s words were fine, Akin’s intent was fine, Akin’s context was fine.

This would have been nothing but a baseless Liberal attack that would have died in a week if the GOP had not not piled on to give the Liberal lies credibility that Akin’s words and content would never otherwise have justified.

And as usual, the Establishment GOP is trying to place the responsibility elsewhere.


They were both sunk by the time the GOP pulled support. The only thing that could be done was to prevent the damage from spreading.

Maybe next time our candidates will try not to sound so wacky. A woman can’t will her body not to get pregnant, there is no such thing as “legitimate” rape and it is not God’s will that anyone gets raped.


They were absolutely NOT sunk, the GOP was ahead of ALL THE LEFT in condemning Akin. The moment the Left floated this story the GOP POUNCED from all corners onto Akin and began the chanting for him to step down.

This was at the BEGINNING, not the end of this story.

The GOP are scumbags who want Conservatives stomped out just as passionately as the Demoncrat’s do.

Just look at the dates of all the articles that reference the GOP lynching of Akin, look at the date of the threads that were started here (and the Establishment GOP water boys who condemned Akin in that thread).

This was a GOP led assault, not a democrat party led assault.

This thread appeared on 08/19/2012

This was the DAY THE STORY BROKE and the Establishment GOP was all over it like flies on dung.
Who needs enemies when your “friends” are far more vicious.


NONE of that was said by either man regardless of how badly the Establishment GOP Liberals want it to be true.

The GOP turned on fine men and fine Conservatives with NO justification, you can attempt to provide these Leftist Liars with cover if you choose but the facts are well know as is the timeline.

This was an unjustified Lynching of good Conservative men by the Liberal GOP Elite, nothing more. Those “GOP Elites” are not worthy to scrape the dung off of either of these men’s shoes.


It was already a national story before anyone asked Akin to drop out:

Timeline of Akin’s Fallout: Patch Coverage of ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment - Chesterfield, MO Patch



Well stated, Ret, and I could not agree more.