Debate #2


I’ll be brief - We’re on the road in Nevada.

Speaking as objectively as I can - I thought Trump did very well last night. For once he seemed RELATIVELY prepared and, dare I say it, FOCUSED. For the most part he was direct without being overbearing/combative. He systematically confronted her with her most classic failures and policy shortcomings. Clinton often rambled on ineffectively. I thought Trump would spend the night on the defensive. I’m happy to announce I was wrong. He effectively put Clinton on the defensive most of the evening. Trump controlled the debate in spite of the moderators and their best efforts to direct heat away from Hillary Clinton.

This election is difficult to get a handle on - to say the least. Just when you think Trump is finished, he staggers to his feet. If I were to have to pick the winner at this point, it would still be Hillary Clinton - but I would not bet the farm on it.

BTW - a short, squatty woman with extremely short legs should never wear a black pants suit with broad lapels and a white blouse. Clinton looked like a penguin!! Don’t blame me for this personal observation/commentary - blame my wife.

Over and out.


I hope you are right.

The trouble is the way the Electoral College is structured, Republicans have a very narrow path to victory. To get there, every piece as to fall into place as it twice did for George W. Bush. So far there has been little to encourage me to see that happening. The best thing we’ve had for our side so far has been Hillary Clinton because she is such a terrible candidate.


Well, I think my commentary about Trump’s performance last night is correct. That said, I do not anticipate Trump winning the election - not with the mistakes he has made. I realize his BS pales by comparison the Hillary’s, but I think most folks who are so out to lunch that they are still “undecided” generally vote off emotion; first woman POTUS nonsense, two chickens in every pot, sock it to the rich, etc…

Perhaps I’m wrong - I can only hope that I am.

But, we’ll see


I liked the part where he nailed Anderson Cooper for not bringing up Hitlery’s emails. Kool!


Yeah, I think he “won”. Not a home run, but he did well enough to stay in the race.

Now it will be interesting to see how he takes on the GOPers who bailed on him.

Speaking of those GOPers, I don’t recall any Dems bailing on Bill Clinton when he had the Monica Bimbo Eruption and the Impeachment trial (though maybe there were some . . . my memory on that is pretty foggy.)

My point there is that the Dems seem to circle the wagons and unite when there is trouble, while the Republicans seem to scatter and see who they can throw under the bus to save their hides.

Look, guys, you’re stuck with Trump now . . . play the hand you were dealt, and I don’t mean fold.


Paul Ryan should resign, he is no leader.


Well, I did not watch the debate because I get too upset–my blood pressure goes up. But, I’m happy to hear that Trump managed to shoot the beest in a few areas. I hope he continues. She deserves it. Was Benghazi ever brought up in the debates? How did the VP debates go?


I listened to it, as my wife was watching it. I was PM’ing my longarms. From what I heard, he skull dragged her through a few miles of broken glass.

I smiled often. It’s about time somebody stood up that… woman.


I would imagine the final nail in Trump’s coffin is the very public defection of Republican Party leadership. As I have unabashedly pointed out, in many ways Trump is a miserable human being and a lousy, target-rich candidate. However, in light of what we face under Clinton, Trump’s personal shortcomings are almost a non-issue. Had Republican Party leadership rallied around him as Democrats ALWAYS do around their nominees - well, who knows, things might have been different - we might still have a chance to avert the Clinton train wreck. Conversely, had Trump made a post-convention effort to consolidate party support . . ., but that didn’t happen.

Against that lamentable backdrop, I must raise a question: Ryan, McCain, McConnell and the collection of Republican ass clowns in congress, well, what have they and their Republican majority accomplished?

Did they defund, slow down or change the trajectory of Obamacare? NO

Did they effectively oppose budgetary sequestration and its resultant gutting of our military at the hands of Obama? NO

Did they refuse to fund Planned Parenthood? NO

Did they block Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran or the hundreds of millions of dollars paid to the Iranian Mullahs, including ransom money? NO

Have they moved in any way whatsoever to reduce funding to underperforming federal agencies? NO

Have they been timely, assertive, aggressive and/or successful in holding federal agencies/agency heads accountable? NO

Have they moved to pass legislation requiring the withholding of federal funds from cities not in compliance with federal immigration laws (sanctuary cities)? NO

Folks, really, has the Republican-led congress accomplished anything? No, they’ve made a little noise on occasion, but they haven’t accomplished SH*T.

The sad truth is, we have an electorate with it’s collective head up its ass - an electorate that gives congress single digit approval ratings then re-elects the same feckless bastards to congress time after time.

You and I can diagnose the problem. Only a nationwide disaster of major proportions will ever fix it. IMHO



If I thought it would do any good I would send your post to every republican in congress. Unfortunately, I don’t think they care.


This is exactly true. And it’s why Trump was always the best candidate. Everyone else running was more of the same. They were part of the D.C. insiders and the difference between a Clinton and Rubio presidency will be minimal.

Trump is different. Now does that prove he’ll get things done either? No, it doesn’t. But because he’s such a wild card, he might. You’re taking a chance on Trump, but that’s as a good as we can get. Everything else will just be more of the same.


Well said.

I had the same thought that Bucks did. Somewhere in another thread, somebody articulated the excuse these morons would give . . . nothing but political B.S.

I’m not suicidal, nor do I harbor a death wish, but I’m pushing 70 (and I know you’re up there too), so the acturarial odds are that I won’t be above ground much longer.

That may be a blessing, 'cause I wouldn’t want to be under a Hitlery administration for too long. The younger pups here are going to have a difficult hand to play.


What the GOP needs (I don’t say “we” since I am a leftist Democrat) is to get California back into play. New York is too far gone but California has a vital, lively conservative and Republican tradition. The state government rape of the common people is more egregious in California than in New York. Time for concentrated effort to turn that state. That’s 55 electoral votes. If the Democrats have to spend any money there, they love vital resources in states such as Ohio and Florida. The GOP needs more fronts in this war.


You may be able to put Southern California into play (as I recall, Orange County and San Diego had a strong conservative contingent), but the Bay Area may be too far gone.

RET . . . Pete?


Gary Johnson wouldn’t be “more of the same”. Nor, I’m willing to wager, would certain other Rep. Governors who knew, like Reagan, how to find people to delegate things to.


I agree that as a region the Bay Area may be too far gone. But states vote as a unit,and if you can move the needle somewhat towards rational voting in the Bay Area that might do it. My sister-in-law lives there. Both her and her identical twin sister (my wife) are relatively liberal in politics. But they have on a pretty good number of occasions voted conservative. Similar to me.

I think that the GOP’s writing off of the state is a huge and tragic strategic error.


Don’t you say that! I know your life has changed drastically over the last year, but you are valued by many here–and I suspect by many in your personal life as well. I, for one, value you as a cyber-friend, my friend!


Hillary Clinton won the second debate and leads Donald Trump by five points in a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll that also shows voters perceive the Republican Party bitterly divided four weeks before Election Day.

Read more: Poll: Hillary Clinton won the second debate - POLITICO


*not sorry


Funny that you should quote “politico” since Drudge exposed their being caught fudging the numbers in their so-called “poll” by questioning vastly more liberals than conservatives.