Debate Topic - October 3rd Romney and Obama's First Debate


Let’s talk about the debate.

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They’re both pretty mediocre so far.



Jim, get it together. Be more assertive.

However, it is nice to know that I can go to the kitchen, make a sandwich, and they’ll still be on the same topic when I get back.


Obama is blaming Bush…still.


“We’re way over the two minutes.”

No s***.




Can we get off taxes and move on to something the uninformed electorate can understand? You know them 47% don’t pay taxes!


“Jim, you might want to go on to another subject” (I’m getting killed here)
-President Obama


OMG. Obama is using his grandmother as an example of a senior that used government programs to live comfortably? She was the VP of a bank!


Yet still used government funds. :no:


Uh oh. Obama called AARP, “ARP”. Some seniors are going to break into the White House and cane him.


“I have become fond of this term, Obamacare.”

You’re not funny.


Senior are fond of Medicare? Good luck finding a doctor that takes Medicare.


Yes! Take on Dodd/Frank! It is crap.




Wow. Obama lied about what Romney JUST said. Romney said he would repeal, replace and keep the good provision in it.


We need this to happen.

They’d probably be better than Jim, too.



I wanted Mitt to bring up the point that Obama spent his time passing Obamacare instead of fixing the Economy.


Obama just pwned the moderator. LMAO!!


That was pretty good.