Decorated soldier ordered out of Winnipeg shopping mall


Decorated soldier ordered out of Winnipeg shopping mall | Toronto Star
Was probably wearing his military uniform and upsetting some of the locals.

You only get respect in Canada if you work covert. I’m glad there are some protests on the issue.


Why didn’t he just say no and wait for the police?


It’s Canada, what do I care what happens in Canada?


Why not? God’s children live in Canada, too.


My point here is, America’s got their own issues, I should be worried about Canada’s?


They’re often related; and things happening in Canada and Europe often find themselves coming to a state near you (although usually California first…).


I double-checked … this is the International Politics forum. That means it’s pretty likely there are quite a few news stories from countries other than the US posted in this forum.

This particular story shows there is some degree of commonality between certain quarters in the US and Canada where disrespecting military people and veterans is concerned. Sadly.