Default Font/Text Size

I have looked everywhere but fail to find how to make the default font size larger on this forum for my ancient eyes.
Is this not possible, or have I just not been able to see the Forrest for the trees?
All assistance appreciated!!!

Actually you can find the default size on the version of explorer or goggle you are using. Go to the upper right size of the screen and click on the icons and look for setting. In setting there should be a way of adjusting your font size. The same is true of firefox

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FC changes the font & size on his, and he does it every time he posts. I don’t think there is a forum-wide way to change it. You’ll have to do it at the browser level, as Sam suggests. I don’t know if all browsers have that capability or not. I know IE does, haven’t checked out firefox, which I’m using now. I’ve got pretty old eyes, too, but they’re doing pretty well since I had cataract surgery.

For Firefox:

Click on ‘Tools’ at the top, and select ‘Options’. Under ‘Content’, you’ll see this:

ETA: You can also ‘Zoom’ everything, including text by pressing Ctrl and ‘+’ at the same time…

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You guys are making it way too complicated!

While holding down Ctrl & Fn, (at the same time), scroll up or down for your preference of size.


All browsers allow you to set a “minimum font size” if you want the change permanent and applied to all of your web browsing, the keyboard shortcuts to “zoom” accomplish the task as needed.

I have Firefox set to never display a font smaller than 16, much better for my old eyes.

Folks, 'preciate the advice, but I’m on an iPad, and none of these suggestions are applicable - that is unless I’m missing something, which, with my computer challenged brain ain’t all that impossible.

On an Ipad you just touch the screen with two fingers together in the middle and spread your fingers apart, this expands everything and doing the reverse shrinks it all down again.

Done that, but it gets real aggravating having to go through that routine for each & every page you look at.

Another board I’m on let’s you select 10-50% larger text that stays there through all threads - until logging of, at which time one will have to select again.

Well, if RO has it, I don’t know where to look. I couldn’t find anything in the General Settings (in User CP) menu.

Post this in the suggestions/bug forum, JG and Zedd maybe could add this if we don’t have it or point it out if we do.

In fact, I’ll just move it.

Open the Settings menu by tapping on the “Settings” icon.

Select the “General” tab. Then tap “Accessibility.” The Accessibility screen loads displaying a list of options.

Select the “Large Text” option. A new page appears listings various font size options.

Select the font size you wish to apply to your iPad. A check mark appears next to the option you select.

Press the “Home” button to keep the change and return to your main Home screen.

Read more: How to Adjust the Main View Font Size on an iPad | eHow

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