Defund politics!

As a political thinking man,. I wonder what the future would hold if politicians were defunded instead of, say,the police???
***SPOILER ALERT!***This cannot happen because:

  1. The people who control politicians are, you guessed it, politicians.
    Everything that’s passed by the House and Senate is 100% political…yep,100%.
    Therefore the Congress will never act to control actions and elections.
    As John Lennon said," Imagine…"
    *No political action committee to fund and further push their agenda
    *Candidates dependent on their personal resources and track record (they get a generous salary, but that’s it.)
    *No celebrated movie star, athletes or tycoon able to influence voters
    GLORIOUS THOUGHT! No political advertisement on TV, radio or anything because they can’t afford it!!!
    Ah, the possibilities…
    No AOC or Ted Cruz
    No Biden in the White House…he could not have been elected without the Liberal Democratic Machine.
    Of course, President Trump’s financial situation would have allowed a lavish campaign, but a terrific drain on even those resources, bringing Mr Trump down to our station in life, which is not a bad thing.
    I leave with that recommendation:

Nullify the state, ignore the magistrate in its ashes through birth of clashes a system comes and replaces the harshness felt by the masses. The cop is the front line killer, the dictators hand depriving you of natural rights and giving you cultural wrongs. Defund the police, Defund the state, ignore the magistrate, mass nullification of a system built on enslavation. A bodged to a crooked a mess, surely this must be a Jest. Told are we free but less, civil liberties destroying the natural rights derided from the creator. They call me a traitor, but you are their host a parasite lies on you expecting conformity sucking any essence of idividual making you all the same. The front line is everywhere the human is the target of the neoliberal class.

A society that incarcerates there own population for any minor infraction where there is 100’s upon 1000’s of pages and pages of laws and reason for the district attorney and the local jurisdiction and the justice system to put its entire force of removing an individual from his family connection and make him separate from the tribal earth

@Senator_Foghorn You are free as your government tells you are! Do you feel special your government loves you and needs you to justify its crimes.

Firstly, I’m pretty certain you are being either obtuse or dishonest. Yes, you can find people who mean, “No more money for cops eva!!!”, when they say defund the police. If you had any interest, I would show you a few links explaining what it really means but that’s neither here or there.

You’re right about it never happening for politicians. Can I offer an alternative? Defund election campaigns. Not elections. Elections campaigns. Candidates can only spend a fixed amount on their campaigns. PACs are abolished. Politicians can only campaign from the period of 8 weeks before election day and must cease 3 days before election day. The only exception to this is interviews from either the public or the media and must be unprepared.

And the best part? This wouldn’t be enforced by politicians or their aides but by public servants. Seriously, have a conversation with someone who’s been a public servant for 10+ years. You will never meet anyone more jaded, cynical and apolitical. These are people who would have worked through several Presidencies/Elections and care more about their job than who is going to win.

Defund Election campaigns. Food for thought.

Sorry for not being clear in my verbage. The sentiment is election campaigns should be disabled by defunding.

Not sure I understand this step. How do they take donations?

PACs were created to try and limit outright bribery. If they don’t exist, people would give money directly to the politician.

Or to a SuperPAC for third (not political) party messaging.

Actually, I like Ted Cruz.

From one of the Hitchhiker’s books? Sounds like it.

1 You would see every rule-beating strategy imaginable (and quite a few that are not) to get around it.
2 And this is one of them.
3 “Must be unprepared?” How in the world do you discern and enforce that?
4 See how apolitical many will be when there’s enough money under the table.

These are both good points, and I clearly don’t know the US legal system when it comes to this. It was more of an observation that a lot of issues come not from money, but the sheer volume of money injected into campaigns.
Workers Unions are investigated in the US, right? What’s to stop the same process being used for PACs/Super PACs? The key element is a key amount can only be spent on campaigning and oversight to be involved. Any colouring outside the line result in asset forfeiture.

But to highlight one part FC said:

In this day and age, it is very easy to see the difference between a prepared interview and one done with less than 72 hours notice. The “unprepared” part only applies to the 3 days prior to Election Day. Candidates don’t lock themselves in a basement for three days, they just can’t do rallies or pay for ads or do staged interviews. Australia has had something similar for over 30 years and while I’ll be the first to say it is not perfect, it does provide some positive benefit.

SuperPACs are not affiliated with a politician or their campaign. They’re independent 3rd parties who make their own messages.

Someone who writes a book “exposing x’s cronyism in office”, or a film detailing “the plot to destroy Democracy”, mudslinging about a voting record, etc. etc. can all be funded by such groups.

Defunding politics is impossible because it’s almost impossible to win a political race without money.

Some “Progressives” have called for public financing of campaigns. Okay, who would determine which candidates would get the money and therefore have a chance of winning? The establishment politicians, of course! So they keep their corrupt network going and stay in office until they die the at ripe age of 100+ if they want.

Reminds me of an incident in the Senate where Representative Brooks of South Carolina attacked Republican Senator Charles Sumner for remarks made by Sumner in a Senate speech against slavery. Charles Sumner was almost beat to death on the Senate floor with a gold headed walking stick by Brooks while two other southern Representatives,one brandishing a pistol, prevented any interference by others.
The Democratic Representative Brooks was censured by the House and he resigned. Upon his return to South Carolina, he was overwhelmingly reelected and sent back to Congress.
I thought about that incident when Nancy Pelosi tore up President Trump’s State of the Union address on camera in the Senate.
Perhaps politicians cannot be truly defunded…but their actions deserve accountability.
Without violence, please.

Yes, Pelosi strongly admonished a southern member of the House, I forget which one, for calling Obama “a liar” during one of Obama’s speeches. She was all over him because of his lack of respect.

Yet she makes a big deal of tearing up President Trump’s State of the Union address on national television.

Can see her hypocrisy? I’m sure that the Democrats, who love her and kiss her butt, can’t.

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Since you mentioned Preston Brooks and the caning of Charles Sumner on the Senate floor, @Senator_Foghorn, I thought you might enjoy this essay I wrote for my local coin club’s monthly meeting notice and newsletter.

Sorry, I can’t get the down load to work properly and don’t know how to fix it.

An 1856 Half Dime Recalls a Turbulent Year in U.S. History

Last month a member of the PCGS message board posed a question as to how often we look at our entire collections. I was at the bank returning some coins to my safe deposit box from the previous night’s club meeting. I was working with those pesky little slab protectors. During this process I ran into a type coin that I had not looked at for a while, 1856 half dime in an NGC MS-64 holder.

As a date, this piece does not amount to much. It is a common date and, along with the 1858 half dime, is a prime candidate for the "Stars Obverse Seated Liberty Half Dime” in a type set. The coin is available in any business strike condition from Good to MS-64. The finest graded example is an MS-67.

One of the great things about coins is that they have a date. One of the advantages to that is you look at what happened during that year. It got me to thinking about what historical events that occurred in 1856, and as it turns out, it was quite a lot.

Science and Industry

In the areas of science and transportation the first railroad bridge was built across the Mississippi River between Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa. It was a major technological achievement for its day. In addition the Western Union Telegraph Company was formed to take advantage of the growing system of telegraph wires that are spreading across the country. On the energy front, the whaling ship E.L.B. Jenney returned to New Bedford, Massachusetts with 2,500 barrels of sperm whale oil.

History and Politics

The really important news was in politics was that the nation was inching closer to the Civil War. "Bleeding Kansas" was making headlines as pro and anti-slavery men poured into the territory to make their voices and sometimes their weapons heard. An anti-slavery territorial government in Topeka, Kansas petitioned the Federal Government to become a state. The Republicans in Congress supported their petition, but in the Senate, Stephen Douglas, who had started the trouble with his Kansas - Nebraska Act and his "Popular Sovereignty" campaign, led the charge to block that legislation. 
In May anti-slavery senator, Charles Sumner, delivered a fiery speech in the Senate against politicians who supported slavery and called out South Carolina Senator, Andrew Butler. The next day South Carolina Representative, Preston Brooks, who was Butler’s cousin, beat Sumner senseless with a cane on the Senate floor. People in the North were appalled, but southerners sent Brooks dozens of canes to show their support. 
At almost the same time a group of pro-slavery men attacked Lawrence, Kansas, which was a center of the anti-slavery movement in the territory, killing one man. In retaliation, anti-slavery radical, John Brown, killed five proslavery men in an evening massacre in Pottawotamie Creek, Kansas. More would be heard from Brown at Harpers Ferry, Virginia three years later. 
In the more organized political arena, the political landscape was shifting at earthquake proportions. In February the anti-immigrant "Know-Nothing Party" (a.k.a. the American Party) nominated former president, Millard Fillmore, for president. The party drafted an anti-immigrant platform and condemned the "Black Republicans" as a threat to the Union. 
In June the Democrats rejected the sitting president, Franklin Pierce, for re-nomination despite the fact that he was a declared candidate. This almost unprecedented action showed the deep dissatisfaction many Democrats had with Pierce despite his strong support for the pro-slavery factions within the party. They also rejected Stephen Douglas and choose to nominate political warhorse, James Buchanan. 
Buchanan bought an impressive resume to the campaign. He had served in the House and Senate, had been secretary of state and our ambassador to Great Brittan and Russia. One of his campaign tokens declared that "The CRISIS demands his election." Most modern observers would rate this slogan as “totally ridiculous.” Today historians rate "Old Buck" as the worst U.S. President in history. 
That same month the recently formed Republican Party held its first national convention. John C. Fremont won the presidential nomination. A former congressman from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln, was considered for the vice presidential nomination, but that choice was ultimately New Jersey Senator, William L. Dayton. 
In September the Whig Party, then in its death throes, met barely two months before the election. They also nominated Fremont for president although their endorsement would be of little consequence. 
The election results divided the country along regional lines. Buchanan won with 174 electoral votes from 14 slave states and 4 free states. Fremont received 114 votes from 11 free states. Fillmore carried Maryland, a pro-slavery border state, which had 8 electoral votes. 
At the beginning of his presidency, Buchanan believed that the Supreme Court's Dred Scott case, would settle the slavery issue. Breaking the separation of powers among the branches of government, he lobbied one justice for his vote and knew the outcome of case before he delivered his inaugural address on March 4, 1857. Buchanan was confident that the Dred Scott decision, which declared African-Americans to be non-citizens who had no civil rights, would settle the slavery issue. 
The Dred Scott decision would go down as one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in history. Buchanan’s action would be the first of many missteps he would make over the next four years which would make his administration an almost total failure. 

Most informative and well documented.
Always like to remind Democrats that THEY were the slave owners and the GOP were abolitionist.


Well what do they really mean when they say it? Just make their pay checks smaller until they stop doing their jobs? What exactly do they mean?

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well there goes the democrat voting bloc. They say you have to have violence unless it’s a gun, then its bad. guns are bad but baseball bats are +++. Kill all the right wingers with sticks and rocks because that’ll be a mostly peaceful culling.

I always like to Remind Republicans they used to be the party of the North and since 1968 we have been the party of the North.

No for it to no matter at all it has to be a fire extinguisher. Listen if you want to commit political violence use a fire extinguisher. Can you imagine Tucker Carlson saying the fire extinguishers used by the anti roe v wade people were heavier.

lefties aren’t strong enough to pick up fire extinguishers