Are Non-Conservatives Human
Or is Trumpgurl wrong?

  • Non Conservatives Aren’t Human.
  • Trump Girl Is WRONG

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The answer is #3 - This thread is nothing but whining ignorance, and fake propaganda.

My post had 464 words (2,029 characters) and you took one sentence out of all that. That is a tactic that propagandists and fake news frauds use. You are perverting my post to say something I never said.

This is exactly why people hate liberals and their fake news and their propaganda. And in this case, people also hate liberals over their butthurt snowflakey whining

Ladies and gentlemen, here is some context:

Did I tell him that non-conservatives are not human?

This post is rated as False Information.

Do you know what that makes you Unitedwestand? Luckily for you the forum does not allow me to say what that makes you, but I am all sure we know anyways.