Dem debate...2/7/20

New Hampshire. Great Googly moogly what a mess. I decided to follow it, take notes and report as it happened. WHAT I noticed is that questions were never answered but were met with great political phrases that went no where and answered nothing…so as not to put these jackwagons in any way of criticism later on in the extreme improbability of victory.

Biden was left alone primarily because…….that was the only way to keep him viable.

This bunch were trying to outdo each other in solving problems by giving money to this group or that entity and taking it from YUGE corporations and fossil fuel industry. This country is in bad shape and it is all Mr Trump’s fault. We’re racist, we’re gun toting murderers and we have unfair advantages over minorities who we need to back off and pay to make things right. oh…and we need different laws for different groups of people.

You’d have to be a complete moron to seriously consider any of this bunch.

At the end…mayor pete and his ……‘hubby’ gave each other a big hug. how’s that for in your face, America.

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The more times the Mayor Pete couple appears in public, the more votes he is going to lose. The guy is way underqualified for the job with only the mayor of Indianapolis on his resume. He has a serious problem with African-American voters who are giving him almost zero support in the polls. Many African-Americans are religiously conservative and do not look favorably on homosexuality.

I would support a gay person for public office if I agree with their views, and they don’t make a big public display of their sexuality. I greatly admire our current ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, who is gay and a very articulate conservative Republican. I’d vote him into the House or Senate in a heartbeat.

I question electing a gay person as president, however. How can he or she deal with the Muslim nations who view homosexuality as a great religious sin? What about the subtle reactions when the gay couple shows up at state dinners holding hands or hugging? For me this is an issue when you trying to become the Head of State.

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He wasn’t the mayor of Indianapolis, Send. He was mayor of South Bend (home of Notre Dame University), the 4th largest city in Indiana with a population of around 100,000 during the school year. South Bend is in the northern quadrant of the State and only about 80 miles or so east of Chicago. His father was a socialist college professor, so he’s absorbed socialism from the day he was born. He won’t garner enough of the black vote to put him over the top and I doubt that ANY gay man can be elected President…particularly one as left-wing as he obviously is. He’s pro-abortion up to and including the instant of birth, anti-gun, despite serving in the military, pro open borders, for sanctuary for illegals and pro “free” health-care for illegals and amnesty for them, as well.

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