Dem Rep wants borders to become an “irrelevancy”


Look on the bright side. At least we have a Democrat talking about God in American policy. Of course, it’s Rep. Keith Ellison, who here prays for borders to become “irrelevant.” In this clip from The Blaze from a June 2010 speech to the Network of Spiritual Progressives Conference, Ellison posits that military strength doesn’t make for safe borders, but that policies of “equity, generosity, and engagement” provide security:

Video: Dem Rep wants borders to become an “irrelevancy” « Hot Air

This would suit some politicans fine however the downside is that when Mexico makes further inclusions into this nation those who support this will be replaced with Mexican politicans.

This administration has been hell bent not to protect the border. If they bother to catch someone they release them back into this country.

I wonder how those resorts are coming that the democrats want to build to house those they catch and release.

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“equity, generosity, and engagement” provide security:

You’ll have to pardon me for not subjecting myself to the rest of his stupidity.


I wish the rest of the left would be as honest as he is on the borders issue.


Outstanding point!


Well, stupid me thought Obama just wanted to redistribute wealth among Americans.

He wants to redistribute wealth around the world and Ellison makes that quite clear;

equity, generosity




and why should the US be the only country in the world with a naive, ill conceived, DANGEROUS open border policy?