Demand By Liberal Press that Chris Christie be REMOVED 'cuz he supports Trump!


Dear Suh,
It has come to my attention that several, in fact SEVEN, newspapers have demanded the removal of CHRIS CHRISTIE from the position of governor of New Jersey because he supports TRUMP!
The article did NOT name the newspapers…WHO ARE THEY!!! “The Podunk Journal?” “US NUDES and WORLD REPORT?” “HUFFING-PUFFINGTON POST?” “Yankee Times?” "The Advocate?"
Now, I don’t want to be MEAN SPIRITED, but ya’ll best PUT UP OR SHUT UP!
And ,you know what settled my SOUTHERN FRIED HEART on Donald Trump???

ANYBODY takes on DONALD [SIZE=2]better [SIZE=6]DUCK!:whistle:
[SIZE=2]Mr Trump, my constituents can SPARE ME for four years if I can SERVE MY COUNTRY~~~

[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]**[SIZE=2][SIZE=6]The Senator[/SIZE][/SIZE]


I knew I was forgetting to ask SOMETHING of importance…
(I am out of my DEPTH when asked anything about states outside the “STATES RIGHTS” states of the Confederacy )
Of course, if selected to accompany Mr.Trump into the White House, it will MARRY some of the recalcitrant Republicans by joining REBELS (God bless us) and the G.O.P. STALWARTS! So,if the LEFTIST lead with their LEFTS, and Chris Christie is ditched I will counterpunch with a RIGHTist HOOK and throw my hat into the ring and we will Stump with Trump on the campaign trail. My secretary, La La Larou, the Baton Rouge Bombshell, is taking time out from the Gentlemen’s Club circuit to prepare the CAMPAIGN TRAILER to my curious specifications. SEE-GARS and MINT JULIPS will be in a goodly supply.

The Senator


Funny…except liberals DO “love Trump.” He’s their best hope to get Hillary elected, Senator! They’re crossing over and voting for him in the primaries in DROVES, hoping he becomes the GOP nominee!


I also suspect this is the case.


Dear Senator Foghorn: (LTNS!) I’m glad that you asked if this was, indeed, still the U.S. of America, and New Jersey a state within its boundaries because I could’ve sworn that was a place where people - yes, including governors - had a right to free speech; which, of course, includes being allowed to state whomever their preferred candidate is.

If there’s anyone who should be recalled, that would be anyone who endorses a self-described Socialist. However, as it is legal to be a Socialist in the U.S., I’ll not be advocating such a thing.
Gonna be tough for a Socialist to follow the rules, but that’s for another discussion.