Democrat Congressman Sherman and Berman nearly brawl


Rep. Sherman Puts Squeeze on Rep. Berman - Washington Wire - WSJ

Sherman is 57, Berman is 71, and both are long time liberal Democrats redistricted against each other in a bitter primary battle.


One of them is going to get “fired” by the voters, a horrifying prospect for professional politicians!

This D vs. D race is due to: redistricting consequent of the 2010 census; redistricting being taken out of the hands of the gerrymandering legislature; a primary reform measure that puts the top two vote-getters among Ds and Rs in the primary into the general election, even if the top two are of the same party. This near fight was in SoCal’s San Fernando Valley (Land of LA); there is a similar situation (minus the near fight) in a East SF Bay district. The upside of that latter D-on-D race is that one of Congress’ worst jerks, Fortney “Pete” Stark, may get involuntarily retired.