Democrat Debate 2019 Detroit, July 30, 2019


Indigestion. I don’t know where to start…did anyone watch or listen??

Steve Bullock
•Pete Buttigieg
•John Delaney
•John Hickenlooper
•Amy Klobuchar
•Beto O’Rourke
•Tim Ryan
•Bernie Sanders
•Elizabeth Warren
• Marianne Williamson



On being a liberal:

Orange man bad. I am the most liberal.
Orange man bad. I am more liberal than that.
Orange man bad. Clearly those are not as liberal as I am, and Progressive too.
I am not even sure that I know where I am, but that’s ok, because of love!
Cruz man bad. I’m Beto, isn’t that a cool name, watch me gesture, why don’t you all love me?
NRA bad. I was actually a Govenor, and I made liberal crap work because of dope.
White people including me are bad, but I’m a Gay Soldier so it’s ok to vote for me.
Capitalism bad. I’m an angry old Communist, so I broke out Socialism last time and these others are pikers.
Somebody’s bad. I’m a female senator that can dupe Republicans to vote for my Liberal crap.
These leftists are insane, my name is Ryan
Baldness is bad, trust me. No one knows my name.

On free stuff:

College should be free for everyone
…except rich kids
…no, rich kids too
…no, not rich kids
…and give unions more money for apprentice programs
…and pay off school for Teachers and Gov Employees, and Union
…Corporations are evil, take their money and make everything free
…Communism makes everything free
…I’m Beto, so free 2 years of college, all of it, 'cause I got to be different, MAN!
…My name is Ryan, and these people are nuts!
…My name is Bullock, and I snuck onto this stage!


I mentioned this once before recently, but I’m reminded of:


Bernie came off as a bitter old man, Pocahontas came off as a bitter middle-aged woman, Marianne won the Drudge poll hands down with 47%.



Ten million viewers?? LOLOLOLOL


No…she didn’t win anything…what drudge says is that she was the most searched online during the debate. I think I did it too. And it wont cause I was gonna vote for her. LOLOLOL
fruit cake.

If you have to explain that you are not a fruitcake, then…you’re a fruitcake.


Not that it’s gonna happen but as Rush pointed out this morning a Williamson/Delaney or Delaney/Williamson ticket might be their best shot, Keep the moonbats on the reservation and still appeal to normal (low information) voters.

Baring nuclear war, global economic collapse or Michelle throwing her hat in the ring, I see the President’s re-election as a done deal.

I look forward to tonight’s cage match of Kamala versus Old Joe.



I have friends that watched and played some sort of bingo game with their catch phrases.

I did not watch. My opinion is the next candidate the D party anoints will be Camel Harris because she’s black, and a woman.


I concur, assuming that she delivers another KO to Joe tonight.


Seriously guys. After eight years of the Kenyan prince do you think Americans are going to go for another opportunistic Hillary Oreo


No, of course not, but it is fun watching them.


get ready for part 2 tonite. I am vacationing in the boonies…no tv, little radio, I can do computer and phone but last nite I couldn’t find it on youtube so I had to sit in the car and listen to XM. I’m getting bits and pieces of video today.

CNN is remarkably quiet after last nite. THey know they pooped in their messkits.


I can’t believe the left is taking Williamson as a legitimate candidate.


One interpretation of left versus right is feeling versus thinking.

The moonbats have absolutely no facts to run on so feelings rule supreme.


Actually, the official viewer count is 8.7 million!


even better


Missed the whole thing but am now getting bits and pieces of video online. I have YET to see the entire debate from July 30, 2019. Almost like CNN is hiding it.

Just saw video where Gabbard absolutely tore a new one for Harris.


Yeah, I did not expect that one. I figured her as a non entity as a non minority, and that’s not PC enough for today’s D party.

I still believe Harris will end up as the candidate, but I’ve been wrong before.


Pete Buttigieg - Vote for me because I’m gay, I’m married to a guy, and Time Magazine has already put us on their cover. Just imagine having a First Guy instead of a First Lady!

If you don’t vote for me, you’re deplorable. In the mean time I’ve got problems with my African-American constituents back home. I’ve got more money than anybody else, but I poll zero with African-Americans.

As you can see, I am in a great position to unite the country. And yea, I’m qualified to be President because I’ve been the mayor of a medium sized city!


Why isn’t Williamson a viable candidate? Rubbing crystals makes as much sense as some of the positions the others have taken.