Democrat Debate 2019 Detroit, July 30, 2019


After Gabbard Eviscerated Harris last nite, this was Harris’ retort. "well I am top tier and she is polling at zero.’ yeah. That’s going to be perceived well by the public.

AT LAST, SOMEONE had the nads to speak the truth about Harris. So how is the media taking this? CNN JUST NOW, posted a piece on how gabbard is connected to the Russians.
Mark my words. They’re gonna take out Gabbard because they want the possibility of KamelHO Harris.


CNN and the MSM is now targeting Tulsi in retribution for her attack. Their hairbrain theory is that she is a puppet of RUSSIA since she will not condemn Bashar al-Assad, she is going to be a 3rd party candidate to guarantee Trump’s re-election.


Elizabeth WArren aims to keep America safe by letting other nations make the first preemptive nuke strike.

Maybe she thought it was a noogie strike.

Elizabeth Warren
:heavy_check_mark: @ewarren

The U.S. is not going to use nuclear weapons preemptively, and we need to say so to the entire world. Our first responsibility is to keep ourselves safe. Our military is the best on earth—but we need to use every diplomatic tool we have to prevent nuclear conflict. #DemDebate

Doesn’t THAT…make you just want to run out and cast a couple votes for Warren?? LOLOL


First Detroit post debate poll is out and there is almost no change in any numbers EXCEPT FOR ONE. GUESS WHO??

kalamata. She has dropped 3 point. This is due no doubt to the epic-ly AWESOME poundcake by Tulsi the scrapper Gabbard. (She is a veteran you know…in case you missed it.)

it is early and being the media favorite, there is time for Kalamity to regroup. We’ll see if she can do that. Seems to me the info divulged along with her questionable, amusing path to congress just might be too much to overcome.


Veteran, and anti gun leftist, despite what is being talked about by some.


True, DN, but remember that she lives in Hawaii where she MUST adhere to the Democrats’ meme or she’s toast.