Democrat debate 3/15/20 DC

Okay…i watched most of it between watching the walking dead and now that I think about it, there wont much difference.

If elected, the democrat is going to destroy the country. Open border, cancel ICE, electric transportation, no oil, massive amounts of $$ to wind and solar, mass transportation, capital gains taxes, tax increases, immediate citizenship for the first million, no deportations, let all in and then a year later only non felons, free tuition, reduction in military, no guns, gay marriage, no doubt gay adoptions and paid for tranny surgeries, Everything for everyone EXCEPT For American Citizens. We get to pay for it.

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joe biden: Take abilty away from oil companies to do anything.

And take millions of cars off the roads…but not joe’s.

video at link.

UTTER destruction.

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And there are thousands of people who are anxious to CELEBRATE the defeat of President Trump in November! How stupid must one BE these days to be a Democrat???

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My stupidometer doesnt go that low.

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