Democrat Debate: 3 hours of America is awful


Is anyone else watching this. this is painful. Three solid hours of how bad America is.


America is racist.


Gonna set up a system where they prosecute and STOP white supremacy (of which there is none to speak of) and racism…wherever they find it. GUESS WHERE.


They’re all so complimentary of our military but they didn’t stop Obama’s deadly rules of engagement. and I guarantee they’ll cut the Trump military pay increase the minute one sets their dirty little feet in the white house.


Dropping bombs on Terrorists is NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!! I guess we’re gonna do what the swedes do and be nice and they’ll play nice too.


All night long the Democrats have promised to take away your rights and force government into your lives.


environmental justice. I need a definition.


joe has a record player.


Bernie calls Maduro a tyrant and democratic socialism is different from Venezuelan socialism.

uh huh.


Gun confiscation, forced buy back.

Goal of socialism: Disarm the populace.


A Socialist is a communist without a gun.
A communist is a socialist now holding YOUR gun.

Never give a socialist your gun.


The Left says America is a hateful racist country where a person of color cannot get a fair shake — and oh by the way, let’s invite the entire world to come live here! (LOL)


No change. Biden Bernie and GreyBeaver. sorry guys. I needed a B word and that was the best I could come up with on short notice.


Not related to the debates, but Pelosi was bemoaning Trump weakening our military by diverting military funds to build the wall- after she supported eight years of Obama GUTTING the military (as Dems have been doing since Carter was elected).


Obama did this on purpose in my opinion. He drove many military off base with costs and they had to go into house trailers in calfornia.


leftover from last nite.

  1. Buttgiggles says that mike pence made him afraid to come out as homosexual.
    Then you shouldn’t be running for president little guy.

  2. Kalamata Harris…what was that statement to joe…yes we can.
    Too much laughter and wondering if Kalamata was drinking for her courage before the ‘debate’.

  3. Beodo damn straight is coming for your ARs, which stands for Armalite (manufacturer, no Assault rifle)
    A little texas legislator, Briscoe Cane says, ‘yeah, my AR is waiting for you’.
    Beodo (drunkard) reported Cane to the FIB for investigation of Threat. Beoda is not ready for prime time. Neither is Briscoe…he blamed his remarks on his ‘Aspergers’ not realizing that would be a good reason for a leftist socialist to take his guns. New inexperienced politicians should just keep their mouths shut until they learn what the constitution is and how to use their heads.

4.Joe says no one committing a non violent crime should be in jail. That would go a long way in protecting hilliary, obamao, clapper, brennan, comey, Mueller, McCabe, Strzok, and paige and other leftists.

  1. Warren, couldn’t give you an answer if her life depended on it.