Democrat Eric Swalwell Calls for Confiscation of Semi-Automatic Weapons in US — Nuke Those Who Resist



Anyone who thinks nukes are of much use in guerilla warfare knows little about it. By the way, who is he expecting to pull the nuke trigger on pro-2nd-Amendment citizens?


Yep, the Democrat cock roaches are crawling out from under their rocks and showing their true colors now that the election is over.

Minnesota elected the first Muslim woman to Congress, IIhan Omar. During the campaign she said that she supported the State of Israel. Now that she has been elected, she supports an economic boycott of Israel.

Maybe in two years the people in her district will wise up, but I doubt it. Minnesota has a record of voting for comedian Al Franken and wife beater Keith Ellison, and they were the only state hold-outs in the 1984 presidential election that voted for Walter Mondale over Ronald Reagan. That good old Farm and Labor Party can be counted upon to do the wrong thing consistently.


Swalwell “nuked” his planned run for the White House with this statement. He also did something else - he clearly showed what the uber-left has in mind regarding your 2nd amendment/gun rights.


I’m not worried about our 2nd Amendment rights…at least not as long as the GOP controls either one house in the legislature and/or the White House. Remember that the 2d doesn’t GRANT any rights. It merely acknowledges that the right exists. That moron, Swalwell, has most certainly torpedoed any chance he may THINK he had for higher office…which is a good thing. He’s another John McCain–graduated, no doubt, near–if not AT–the bottom of his class.


" I’m not worried about our 2nd Amendment rights . . .at least not as long as the GOP controls either one house in the legislature and/or the White House".

I agree, PD. The question is, how much longer do you think that will be considering the inroads the Left, including the whacked-out Far-Left, have made into heretofore Republican strongholds?

I do not know the answer to that question. None of us do.


Yeah, but this isn’t news. It’s been known for many decades.


How to be a 2018 Democrat: Think of the weirdest most absurd most outrageously ridiculous thing to do and then try to do it.

Pre-qualification: Absolutely NO common sense.


Alexandria Astasio-Corteze is writing their handbook. She might be the most openly ignorant Congressperson in modern times. She reminds me of the airhead girl you might have taken home to meet your parents. After a family dinner, your father might have asked you in private, “Really?”

She has a college degree in economics. I guess some colleges have socialist economic schools now, just as there used to be Keynesian and monetarist schools in my time.