Democrat in Chief to save the children from vaping

Like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), the anti-liberty president Donald Trump plans to ban flavored e-cigarette liquids because children like them.

Wait, e-cigarettes are already illegal for youngsters to use. So we get rid of the flavors adults love and use to quit smoking. And the children will still use the “tobacco” flavored e-cigarettes just like they continue to drink beer and whiskey as well as all the fruity flavored drinks in much greater numbers than those who smoke or vape.

Now, the president is fully in the Democrat camp on vaping. I expect it will be the overwhelming position of Republicans very soon,. Maybe we can get a real vaping prohibition started ASAP. Cigarettes, you might wonder? What? They’re worth billions to public agencies and health organizations with the tobacco settlement money and taxes, which are calculated based on sales.

This so-called vaping lung illness thing? Never has the ineptitude and incompetence (or corruption?) of bureaucrats been laid so bare.

It’s all very suspicious. I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Tobacco is behind it all. I am becoming very cynical in my old age.

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I read something to the effect that there were indications that the deaths were associated with vaping cannabinoids (Or their derivatives), but be danged if I can remember where…

If the vaping industry would stick to tobacco related devices, they would be much better off. When they make their product sweet and appealing to the people below 18 or 21, there is a problem. If you deny that, you are delusional. Kid’s brains are not developed enough to deal with this. Yell at me if you want, but we need to oppose teen vaping.

The really big problems seem to be related to pot related and black market products that are double inhaled. That’s what I keep seeing on the news cuts, and that’s going to kill you quicker even it’s only conventional cigarettes.

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I was hearing the same thing on FLN (our regional Christian radio network).

It does. THC vaping is a different industry. It has different trends, hence vitamin E acetate, an oil "thickeners’ actually used to thin THC liquid, which turns out was being used in Oregon, sold through licensed marijuana retailers and approved by the OLCC.

It’s technology. It’s used by different folks. It’s the CDC that’s trying to tie it all together with a neat little bow and telling everyone they need to quit vaping.

You really can’t vape THC products through my vaping rigs.

They appeal to me. They appeal to humans. They market to adults. Never mind that children smoked crappy tasting tobacco-flavored cigarettes and they drink beer-flavored beer and whiskey-flavored whiskey and smoke marijuana-flavored marijuana. Laws are on the books to stop all of that. Kids don’t need the sweet flavors to want to partake in any of the vices. Let’s not forget the sheer amount of fruity alcoholic beverages available on grocery store shelves.

I oppose teen vaping.

It’s preferable to teen smoking.

We have laws to stop both – and smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. Telling me what I can and cannot have in my vaping rig is no public official’s place.

It’s coming mostly from black market THC cartridges. And in Oregon, licensed suppliers, who have stopped using government-approved vitamin E acetate, since this started.

I resemble that remark… :confused:

Fruit flavored beer is almost universally nasty, the one exception that I have found being IPA’s.

EDIT: Missed this bit laughing about that up there ↑↑…

It’s the E-acephate that’s the problem, iirc?

When I was a kid, there were several local ‘yewts’ that messed themselves up sniffing gas. As in inhaling deliberately concentrated gasoline fumes. Some of them had permanent brain damage (although it may be unfair to blame the gas fumes for that considering they got the idea of it in their heads before they did it…), some had long term lung problems. Might have been because leaded gas was still a thing?

Me and my buddies would get us a couple o’ 40’s of schlitz malt liquor, and we were good…And thats as low as I ever sunk for a buzz. SML is nasty, but potent!

So I agree, kids are going to find something to get high/intoxicated on, especially in the absence of strong parental supervision, and the results will sometimes be tragic.

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Salt will kill you. peanuts, cows milk. Why aren’t we going after that.

I don’t smoke. Don’t care for it but I am not about to tell another adult that they can’t do it because it is bad for them. Driving is bad for you. Sitting at the computer is bad for you.

Seems we care more about this than we do about people who are using meth, poop all over san Francisco…isn’t that bad for you? and needles all over the street.

Seems priorities are out of whack somewhere.

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3,300+ people drown annually. Some 20 percent are kids. Backyard pools are a big part of it. Swimming is not necessary, but it is hazardous, and it’s killing more kids than vaping.

I did. Now I don’t thanks to vaping. I’ve been vaping nine years. I’m cigarette free basically for seven although I occasionally smoked until the very beginning of 2015.

Vaping is an epidemic among children. Meanwhile inverse to the rise of vaping, smoking rates have dramatically declined.

More kids try marijuana, and even more try alcohol. We don’t call those epidemics. And San Francisco banned the sale of vaping supplies until approved by the FDA. Meanwhile it allows the sale of marijuana completely against federal law. The hypocrisy is rich.

I think once President Trump learns the TRUTH about these lung issues with young people, he’ll back away from his stance on flavored vapes. The TRUTH actually is that these kids with lung problems aren’t using “flavored” vape liquids. They are making their OWN using CBD or other liquids not intended for vaping at all, hoping they can get high without smoking pot or other drugs. I had smoked for 52 years…sometimes as much as two packs of cigarettes per day…until my own adult son turned me onto vaping as an alternative. I haven’t had a cigarette in going on 7 years now, have lost my smoker’s cough and am gradually weaning myself off of the NICOTINE, too. I started out using 36 mg per ml and am now down to 12 mg. In a few months, I’m going to 6 mg and eventually will do away with nicotine completely. My preferred flavors are mostly apple-scented so my house, hair and clothes no longer smell like stale tobacco and everyone says that the odor of my vaping is “pleasant.”

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I hope so. I hope someone can talk some sense into that dude.He could single-handedly improve so-called “public health” in a way that no politician in the United States has. But I don’t hold out much hope based on his general track record. Although he could careen into a pro-vaping attitude, and when Democrats start in on him about it, he’d solidify a pro-vaping viewpoint. Right now, he’s sharing company with half of the “squad.”

I started vaping in March 2010. Bought my last pack in June 2012, ending a 23-year smoking habit. Started out with 24 mg on cigalikes and then the Joyetech eGo. I vape 2 mg now. Because I help a lot of people make the switch and need to understand the different options, I also have a refillable pod system (Uwell Caliburn) and use 12 mg with Nic salts.

I make all but one of my own liquids. I’ve been doing it since 2015. Mountain Oak Red Drop is the only commercial liquid I still use because it’s incredible. DIY liquids are a fun hobby, and there’s nothing wrong with it. As Dr. Michael Siegel pointed out last week, DIY vapers have known and discussed avoiding oils in our liquids at least since 2012. It’s one of the first things I learned about when I started learning about DIY liquid. I’d be happy to point you to information and resources, answer questions and share some recipes if you’re ever interested.