Democrat Tsunami [Video]


I have no idea if this video will stay up on Youtube or for how long!

James Woods had published it to his twitter account and I downloaded it to the tube for those who don’t go to twitter.

As I posted in the video’s description … “This is just one of the consequences of a democrat tsunami.”



This is obviously organized. But I still can’t figure out how Democrats could possibly think this would win them more votes than it will cost them.

If they were going to send people dressed up like ICE agents to massacre them and blame President Trump, they would have done it by now, so that’s not it.


Makes me wonder … What is in some of those bags/backpacks a number of them are carrying?


If they all end up (or most of 'em . . . which is likely since Kalifornia is “illegal friendly”) in Kalifornia and vote Democrat . . . big deal. The place is ALREADY a Dem stronghold. Them voting Democrat in Kalifornia is like shooting a dead body . . . Kalifornia is ALREADY dead.


What really concerns me, is the state in which I live, Florida. It seems like the stupid electorate here is going make Andrew Gillum our next government. Gillum wants to remake Florida into New York with sky high taxes, sanctuary cities and single payer, socialized medicine. He wants to do away with ICE. He will get to pick three of the state’s Supreme Court justices. In short, he is a total disaster.

I would gladly trade the Senate race to the Democrats, if we could keep Gillum out of office, but it’s not going to work out that way. I think that the Democrats are going to win both the governor’s race and the Senate race. Between the Northerners who move down here and bring their politics with them and Porto Ricans who have been driven from their homes by the recent hurricane, this state is turning blue very quickly.


Wrong on both counts. Pessimism is not a conservative characteristic.


Yes, gladly wrong on at least one count. The Senate seat is still in the air, but will probably go to Scott.

Gilliam was up by 7% in the polls and never trailed. DeSantis ran a quiet campaign, even by the measure of Fox News, Brian Kilme, who came here to speak a week and a half before the election. He looked to be hopeless. I guess enough Florida votes didn’t believe that Gilliam could raise the “rich bastards” taxes and give everybody else everything for nothing. Usually that message sells.

The country is still in trouble. We won these races by close margins, the younger generation is brainwashed, and the next business cycle will work to the left’s advantage. Everything they get when they take over seldom gets reversed. They are invading our “safe states” and are in full control of their “safe states.” The future does look good. If they get Texas’ 36 electoral votes, they own the presidency and everything else. That is reality, not pessimism. Trump has been the only thing between them and total control.

In the mean time the sales tax in my county has been raised to an oppressive 8.5% by a voter referendum. The future does not look promising.


"It’s better to be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right.”

Us optimists are a dwindling species, but a perpetual thorn in the side of the opposition. To give up the fight in favor of doom and gloom is exactly what the opposition is counting on.


Yes, now the Democrats on Broward and Palm Beach County are in the process of stealing the Florida gubernatorial and senate races. The fascist Democratic Party will probably steal these elections. Call me a pessimist, but I would call me a realist.


Is the GOP powerless? I mean, can’t they at least try to do something about this? Is it a foregone conclusion by the GOP that these Dems are going to get away with it?


It’s been over a week and they’re still fighting, finding uncounted ballots laying around all over the place. Democrats have no shame.