Democratic Party has abandoned the Hispanic community to focus on White liberals: Mayra Flores

Democratic Party has abandoned the Hispanic community to focus on White liberals: Mayra Flores
Newly-elected congresswoman Mayra Flores reflects on her stunning election victory and why Hispanics are fleeing the Democratic Party on ‘America Reports’

Newly-elected congresswoman Mayra Flores, R-Texas, took aim at the Democratic Party for abandoning Hispanics telling “America Reports” her victory shows South Texans had been taken for granted.

MAYRA FLORES: The Democratic Party has abandoned the Hispanic community. They are focused on White liberals. They are not focused on the Hispanic community, they couldn’t care less. They are not representing our values. We are about faith, family and hard work and that’s not the Democrat Party. In South Texas, I’m fighting for the conservative values that we were instilled, and I think it’s important we continue fighting for those values. Look, I’m not loyal to a party.

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Yesli Vega: Hispanic Virginia GOP House candidate: The ‘Democrat Party has lost touch’ with Hispanic community

Yesli Vega, a Hispanic and the newly selected Republican nominee to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, says she is frustrated over efforts by the Democratic Party to pander to the Hispanic community and insists Democrats have “lost touch” with voters seeking change.

Vega, a longtime law enforcement officer in the state, spoke to Fox News Digital Wednesday, the day after her primary victory, about her mission heading into the general election and why she believes Hispanics are beginning to side with some ideas being offered by Republican candidates in several races across the country.

“You have a Democrat Party that has completely lost touch with the Hispanic community,” Vega said.

"The Hispanic community is a community that has showed time again how resilient they are.

“They are hard workers and many have fled their native countries to come here to America to seek better opportunities not just for themselves, but for their children, for their families. Some folks have escaped socialism.”

Vega warned against proponents of socialism — like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. — saying it’s “eye-opening” to speak with individuals who have yet to understand certain problems taking place in countries like Nicaragua, a place Vega said is now operated by a dictator.

“This is something that the Hispanic community overwhelmingly rejects,” she said. “And look at our communities and how crime is skyrocketing.”

Describing the difficulties faced by her parents, who she said fled from El Salvador amid a civil war in the country, Vega said she is “frightened” to hear what the Democratic Party has to offer.

“To see what today’s Democrat Party has become, it really has frightened not just me and my family, but Hispanic families across the United States,” Vega said. “The Hispanic community loves America because America is the land that has given them opportunity. … So when you see a country that you love being attacked and going in the wrong direction, people are putting their foot down, and they’re saying ‘no more.’”

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The Democrat Party has abandoned honest African-American voters as well. The illegal aliens will compete with them for lower skilled jobs and drive down wages. Far worse than that, the Democrats’ soft on crime policies have made life hell in minority neighborhoods.

Children are gunned down in the street, and the Democrats don’t care. I am talking about children who are simply playing or just sleeping in their bedrooms. The George Soros sponsored DAs refuse to prosecute or even jail repeat offenders. The crime waves in some neighborhoods are forcing businesses like Starbucks, 7-11 and Walgreens to leave.

The Democrats don’t care. Even worse, the most radical among them think of crime as a new “entitlement” for minorities. The Democrats don’t care about what crime does honest citizens. All the Democrats care about is “equity” which they seem to think can be achieved by ignoring or even supporting criminality.

That is true. They are slowly but surely coming to the GOP, as are Latinos who hate the woke filth, as are independents who now see the woke filth and Biden’s inept failures.


This represents a historic opportunity for conservatives. Many Latinos and African-Americans have commonsense conservative social values. They have seen up close and personal what destruction of the traditional family means. They can see what happens when the police back off from confronting criminals. They know the value of a real military, not a giant social-justice experiment.

They are part of the broad middle that we must reach.

Here’s an acid test for Republicans: is the material you print, or put up on the web, in both English and Spanish? If not, you’re not being serious about reaching the Latino community. It’s NOT that there are people who are only comfortable reading Spanish, although this may be true. Rather, it shows that we are welcoming of Hispanic people.

This does NOT mean that we have to support the US becoming a multi-iingual community, with three dozen languages all having equal status to the language of the great majority. It’s rather a kind of symbolic gesture – and these are VERY important in politics.

And it wouldn’t hurt for all Repubilcan candidates to learn a bit of Spanish as well, where Hispanics make up a significant part of the voting base. It’s not a difficult language to learn … think of it as the descendant of Latin, part of the heritage of Western Civilization.

Hear me out, I don’t think theres been some sort of seismic shift of Latino voters to the GOP. Rather, what I’m seeing is a large scale PR campaign to make that happen.

  1. Beyond isolated districts, I haven’t seen any large scale data convincing me that Latino people favor conservative candidates.

  2. What shifts I have seen are small, and still have Latino voters overwhelmingly supporting the liberal candidate. Just perhaps not quite as overwhelming as it once was.

  3. It feels like a PR campaign to flip Latino people on the edge. If they pretend people are shifting massively and report it as such, people on the edge will feel more willing to consider conservative candidates. Repeat something enough until it becomes true.

As voter participation rates increase, as more move into the middle class, as more assimilate,
voter share equalizes.

This is consistent with past immigration waves, whether were speaking to the Italians, Eastern Europeans, or Irish. Many of them used to be loyal Democrat blocs yet, overtime this changed.

Hispanics were on the same trajectory.