Democrats and their Clan Ties


For years democrats have tried to rewrite history and claim it really was republicans who were KKK members and with Hillary’s latest effort to push this has claimed Trump is a clan supporter. Trump disavowed this but as usual it said repeatedly by Hillary will be viewed as truth by the low information voters who seem to leave their brains behind and if asked can not name the Vice-president or Speaker of the House.

Clinton ad ties Trump to KKK, white supremacists - POLITICO


On another blog I once had a young squirt tell me that HIS Democrat Party had ALWAYS stood for human rights and had ALWAYS been against racism. He stated that Republicans had all been racists, except Abraham Lincoln.

I asked him if he knew anything about the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision and if he knew who had supported it. I asked him about the racial attitudes of President Woodrow Wilson or the southern Democrat Party which had done what it could to block the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I asked him if he knew that law had been passed with considerable help from the Republicans in Congress. Of course he didn’t any of that, and didn’t believe me in any case.

Here is a bit of physical evidence. Democratic presidential candidate, Horatio Seymour, issued this campaign piece during his run in 1868. The reverse pretty much says it all.


The truth is that any republican that tries to argue with a democrat using the truth to support the argument is a fool. Democrat truth is what they are told & what they believe, not what’s in history books. In a way I can understand that from their point of view. After all they are constantly rewriting history when it makes them look bad.


Here’s another one. The George McClellan campaign issued this one in 1864 when he was running against Abraham Lincoln. This is a shortened version of the Democratic slogan, “The Union as it was (reunited) and the Constitution as it is,” (With slavery still intact). In other words the Democrats were ready to continue slavery after the country had fought the Civil War for four years with the loss of over 550,000 lives over that issue. :awkward:

This was the reason that Lincoln pushed for the passage of the 13th ammendment to the Constitution.

Here is the Lincoln response piece. This is a rare token.


Their assertion is not intended for us. Nor can it withstand critical or historical analysis. The DEMOCRATS have a 200-year history of abusing and using blacks - as slaves; as butts to the Klan’s pranks and later its terrorism. As second-class citizens, upheld with Jim Crow laws. Pushed by DEMOCRATS.

Orville Faubus, a man Bill and Hill both admired, used Arkansas N G troops to keep the little (expletive) OUT of white schools. It was the Solid South Democrats who blocked desegregation and stood ready with axe-handles and guns and State Militias to stop it.

Now, of course, since Johnson, the Democrats have found it more expedient to USE blacks by pretending to embrace them. Democrats don’t care whether they get their power from ignorant white racists or from ignorant black racial-grievance agitators. What they want is POWER.

She’s playing along. WE KNOW she’s been in bed most of her life with Southern racists. But the ignorami who vote Democrat will not listen.