Democrats are OFFICIALLY the Party of Pedophiles

A California bill that would remove a requirement for offenders to register as a sex offender after committing certain sex acts with minors within a 10-year age difference is set to go to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk after passing in both legislative houses.

The bill, SB 145, applies in cases where the victim is between the ages of 14 and 17 and aims to lift an existing registration requirement for oral and anal sex. The state senate and assembly both voted to approve the bill on Tuesday despite Republican opposition in the Senate and bipartisan opposition in the assembly.

“If signed into law, a 24-year-old could have sexual relations with a 15-year-old child without being required to register as a sex offender,” Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove tweeted Tuesday.

No comments? Amazing

It’s California. Why would anyone be surprised? The Democrats have a self-described “big tent” which includes all matters for perversions.

Burning and looting neighborhoods is another part of the Democrat lifestyle. How about supporting Black lawbreakers who attack police officers and try to grab their weapons? So is stripping naked and sitting in front of the Rochester, New York City Hall with a hood over their heads. Democrats have engaged in all of these activities this year.


I often think “the democrats cant possibly sink any lower”, and every time it’s “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!”


I was over 6’ tall and could bench press over 200lbs at this age(and I was on the weaker end of my team).

I’d love to see Rush call Baron a child to his face, lol

So you are okay with the legislation?

Roy Moore is loving this. In my country, we call this irony.

Is that stupid ignorant post supposed to infer that the judge is a pedophile? Nobody gives a fuck what your shithole country thinks of our politics you little worm.

Democrats are the party of pedophiles. With Obama’s netflix ‘cuties’ kiddie porn, Clinton trips to Epstein pedo island and Biden molesting kids in public, no wonder they are fighting Trump. They are full on sick, disgusting criminals.

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