Democrats hold on Blacks weakens as Black owned businesses surge to new heights!


See: Survey Finds Black Business Ownership in the U.S. Jumped 400% in One Year

August 15, 2018

"African American business owners are on the rise. According to the Minority 2018 Small Business Trends survey, the number of black-owned small businesses in the U.S. increased by a staggering 400% in a year-over-year time period from 2017 to 2018.

The new survey, which was conducted by Guidant Financial, interviewed more than 2,600 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. It found that 45% of all small business in the country were owned by minority ethnic groups in 2018. This is a dramatic uptick from 2015 when the total percentage of minority business owners was 15%. The largest minority group of respondents were African American at 19%, followed by Hispanic at 14%, Asian at 8%, and Native American at 4%"

No wonder support for President Trump among African Americans has jumped to 36 percent. Just imagine if that support is reflected in this coming election and Republicans hold the House with a sizable margin and gain a few seats in the Senate ___ America’s economic engine will be able to ignite another “roaring twenties”.


The unavoidable truth is, the Bernie Sanders/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ socialist plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by taxing millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.


But the United States is institutionally racist. This cannot be possible.

/end sarcasm (for the text-sarcasm impaired)


You forgot the brackets on the end-sarcasm tag…


If you can find it, watch Fox’s “Life, Liberty and Levin” from yesterday! It was VERY enlightening.


Then again:


Try to remember that Politifact is a far-left organization whose “job” is to promote Democrat policies and denigrate Republican policies. Take a look at their “State issues”. They are ALL in Deep Blue or Purple States. None are in Red States.


There is more to the story than one mischaracterization. The irrefutable fact is, Black entrepreneurship is on the rise and support for President Trump among African Americans is growing.

SEE: Why These Three Southern Cities Attract The Most Black Entrepreneurs:


"There are currently 2.5 million businesses owned and operated by African-Americans, according to the U.S. Census’s most recent survey of business owners.

Although black entrepreneurship is on the rise, black founders are still receiving less VC funding than their white peers and have limited access to capital."

I think we should be encouraging minority owned business start ups and striving to give minorities better access to capital. We should not be throwing cold water on the progress which is being made.


The liberty to succeed or fail at one’s own hand is a socialist’s nightmare and not the American Dream


So 400 percent growth is actually true?

JWK cites an article that says we have 2.5 million businesses owned and operated by African-Americans as of Jan. 9, 2018. Prior to the Trump adminstration does this mean there were only 625,000? Do you have a source other than the one that retracted the claim of 400 percent that supports the actual creation of so many black businesses?

I’m going to post a new thread from another “leftist” news source that will no doubt be treated by the left and Democrats the same way the members here treat capitalists (and capitalist sources like Reason and Cato) who disagree with Donald Trump’s economics; but it’s on a subject that most everyone here will agree. Wonder what you’ll all make of it.

Here’s the link to that post:

I’ll be curious, PD, how you respond to this display of journalistic integrity from a leftwing news source. It generally confirms your biases as opposed to Politifact on this topic.

We should perhaps consider actual facts in whatever we’re discussing. We shouldn’t call it “throwing cold water” to insist on the use of actual facts. I’m trying to find something in the article you post that indicates that 400 percent growth is true. I agree that progress is progress, but let’s be happy about it in context of the truth.


Well then, why do you dwell on a figure which in all likelihood was a mistake and avoid the fact that Black entrepreneurship is on the rise and support for President Trump among African Americans is growing?


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance the economic needs of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled aliens who have invaded America’s borders.


Who’s dwelling? I posted additional information that cast doubt on the figure of 400 percent. Do you not prefer accurate information?


Frankly, I don’t CARE about what’s obviously hyperbole. The FACT is that minority-owned businesses are on the rise, black unemployment is on the decline, and black support for this President is going up exponentially. I already answered your question about the NPR piece on another thread. Read it there.


I voted for Trump


Did you just self-slam Trump people?!


“Trump people” KNEW who Donald J. Trump was long before the 2016 election and how he was prone to hyperbole…and that’s ALL it is…HYPERBOLE. Just for example–President Trump claims that black unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been. Of COURSE not. Under Democrats, it once was nearly zero…prior to 1865 during SLAVERY–an institution supported and FOUGHT for by Democrats. Every time someone DISAGREES with what President Trump says, the media characterize what he said as a “lie.”


Just popping in to point out that Trump’s approval rating among black voters, according to the latest ABC poll, is 3% (93% disapproval).

Have fun.


So, you believe the Washington Post and ABC over the NAACP?

See Blacks’ approval of Trump reaches a high of 21% and NAACP charges ‘racism’

August 07, 2018

”President Trump continues to show improvement among African-Americans, but the NAACP Tuesday called him a racist.

In fact, in a new poll released by the group today, Trump’s approval rating among blacks has reached 21 percent, more than double what it was in an April Reuters poll.”



So you believe the NAACP over the Washington Post and ABC?


I see a math problem: 3% & 93% do not equal 100%.


A MINIMUM of 8% of black voters supported Trump in the election according to highly unreliable exit polls. Social pressure certainly would cause some blacks to decline to interact with a poll right after voting for the first Republican in their lives.

But, let’s take 8% as accurate. So, after tax cuts, record low black unemployment, record low black teen unemployment, actively cleaning out MS13 infestations in our cities and IRA or 401 going strong we are to suppose that over half of his black support has dumped him. Trust me, the majority of Black Trump supporters are not listening to the diarrhea-of-the-mouth CNN propaganda.

The ABC/WP Presidential poll is consistently 10 points lower than the Rasmussen poll. Right!



Good question. Which of the three do you believe?