Democrats hold on Blacks weakens as Black owned businesses surge to new heights!


I don’t know about if your take is original or not, but I’ve seen zero evidence that it’s gotten a lick of traction in the Christian community.

I cited “attesting” as part of the DICTIONARY definition of “witness” (verb). You’re spinning this like a lawyer; and Jesus didn’t have nice things to say about lawyers.


Frankly, Jesus didn’t have ANYTHING to say about lawyers.


Guess again:


What version of the Bible gave you that wording?


King James. I just C&Ped it from Bible Gateway.


Just looked it up in my own copy of the New King James Version of the “Open Bible”…expanded edition. You were right. I’m unsure that he meant ACTUAL lawyers, however. He was speaking to Pharisees and scribes. Then up pops “one of the lawyers.” Where else does it mention “lawyers” as a profession? Jesus seems to see lawyers as architects as he accuses them of “building the tombs of the prophets.”


You might want to take it up with Strong’s, as it defines “witness” as:

“concretely, a witness; abstractly, testimony; specifically, a recorder,”

This is very clearly described in Deuteronomy 19

And again in the NT in Acts 6

It’s not a commandment. Trump is surely not very holy. Anyone looking to Trump as a model for Christian behavior is barking up the wrong tree.

But I don’t want a Christ-like leader. Jesus was strung up and crucified. I’d rather have David leading us than Paul. I’m not interested in being a martyr.

Every time Jesus uses the word “Lawyer” He is referring to the Pharisees.


Again. “False Witness” means accusing someone falsely of doing something wrong. It does NOT mean fibbing or even lying about one’s own accomplishments or about those of one’s family or friend circles. The 9th Commandment does NOT sanction lying…merely lying in order to harm someone else.


I’m not going to go into all of this, but I note that “false witness” in the Ten Commandments is used as a verb.

If you don’t want a Christlike leader, then you’re putting your faith in things that will fail. There’s a time and a place for pragmatism, but it isn’t all the time and every place.


Not in public, anyway…

Trump is keeping faith (so far) with the people who voted him in. Far from prefect, easily good enough for me. I’m not expecting a messiah.


Actually, in the 9th Commandment, it’s used as a modified NOUN. The verb in that sentence is “bear”.


That was not FC’s claim.


I phrased it poorly, but the operative phrase of the commandment (bear false witness) was about an action, not a person, place, or thing.


He was addressing the “experts in the law” - which equates as close as I can see to our modern use of the term “lawyer.”

The term “witness” as defined by the dictionary can simply mean a statement - something stated as a fact; if it’s not true, it’s false witness, aka, a lie.


You’re forgetting the operative VERB in the Commandment…BEAR…and you’re forgetting the extension of the Commandment…“against thy neighbor.” Read in its ENTIRETY, the Commandment does not enjoin us not to lie. It enjoins us not to tell falsehoods about our neighbors…bearing false witness about them. Most lies really do no particular HARM unless the are lies about what someone else has said, done or failed to do. It was wrong for Candidate Trump to wrongly accuse Ted Cruz’s father of “colluding with Fidel Castro.” It was NOT wrong for him to wrongly claim that his inaugural crowd was the “largest in history,” because it harmed NO ONE. It was just hyperbole, and NOT a breaking of the 9th Commandment–though the former was. Unfortunately, the idiot left doesn’t seem capable of making that distinction.