Democrats in Congress Swap POW-MIA Flags for Transgender Banners


I can’t for the life of me understand … what the #ell is wrong with these people?

You have this coming on the tail of despicable Tim Kaine (Virginia) introducing a bill on going after “White Supremacists!”

The majority of men (and women) who have fought and died for this country are now considered “White Supremacists” I guess?


The modern Democrat Party is a coalition of special interest pressure groups who are looking to get preferential treatment from government programs, including quotes, and other special interest legislation and regulations. They include the LGBT community, “me too” movement, Black lives matter and any other people who would like to get a leg up on everybody else from the government.

The Democrats really got this going in 1984 when Walter Mondale ran for president. He got every special interest group to endorse him. He got his political head handed to him in the Reagan landslide. The difference now is that you have two generations of brainwashed young people who have been programed to support this stuff. It’s so bad now that you have apologize for having been born White and male (and straight) because those two (three) attributes are toxic to many Democrats.

They are already trying to knock out Joe Biden before his campaign begins, although I must confess that I won’t miss him. Bernie Sanders, as an old White guy, is okay because he’s been a socialist all his life. It’s okay to be rich too as long as you support the Democrat Party with words and most especially with your money.

Military service and POWs mean nothing to the Democrats. They feel obligated to pay lip service to those issues because they got into political trouble years ago when they treated the returning Viet Nam vets like crap when they returned from their service. If the LBGT people decide that the POWs need to go to the back of the bus, the Democrats will fall in line for them.

The Democrat Party is a fascist organization. They are not ready to take people’s houses and other private property yet, but they are committed to gaining government control over health care, energy, the means of production and the financial sector. The idealistic people who support this think they are going to improve the human condition. The pragmatists, like Hillary Clinton and most of the Democrat candidates for president are looking to get rich and powerful. If they happen to do some good for humanity, that’s nice, but getting power and control over the population are their prime objectives.