Democrats lied about embedded agents in Jan 6 protests

Democrats cooked up the “sedition” theory to deceive Americans into thinking opponents of voter fraud were seeking to overthrow the legitimate government. That leftist democrat conspiracy theory was just another lying leftist story-tale by crooked democrats who will do anything illegal, immoral, unethical, or wrong to seize power by fraud. That is what Hillary’s lying leftist democrat Trump/Russians conspiracy theory was all about. America does not need these lying leftist democrat dogs seizing illegitimate power and control. They are enemies of America and their tactics are as destructive as they are wicked.

“At least 20 FBI and ATF assets were embedded around the Capitol on J6,” read a footnote on Page 6 of the motion. No other details were provided in the document.
The footnote said defense attorneys “combed through a mountain of discovery,” including FBI form 302 summaries of interviews conducted by FBI agents.
In addition to the information about law-enforcement assets on the ground at the Capitol, the footnote says, the Oath Keepers “were being monitored and recorded prior to J6.”
Poring over evidence turned over in discovery by prosecutors in two major Oath Keepers cases has “not found one iota of proof” that defendants “had any plan, intention, design, or scheme to specifically enter the Capitol Building on J6,” the motion said.

Seeing as you believe The Epoch Times is a legitimate news source I’ve got a question for you - what’s your stance on Qanon?

Well lets see now, a federal jury on Friday acquitted two men of conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020 and the judge overseeing the case declared a mistrial for two other men after jurors could not come to a verdict for them.

Why is this relevant? At trial the defense showed that the government used FBI informants and undercover agents to encourage online discussions about the alleged plot, hoping to entrap the defendants in alleged crimes because of their political views.

My my my, the FBI sure has a constant theme and MO.

A major portion of the FBI and the CIA have become Democrat operatives. That is very troubling.

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Newly released court documents claim that at least 20 agents from the FBI and ATF were embedded in the crowd of protesters around the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

First it was Antifa, now the FBI, what’s next The Mickey Mouse Club?

No you don’t understand Hunter Bidens Laptop did a Bengahzi with burisma in China and Turkey but it landed in Ukraine and that’s how the democrats stole the 2020 election and mike Lindell has all the proof but he can’t show it because the pillow mafia will snuff him out.

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Democrats are, as Mark Levin says, the new American Marxists. They have allowed their ideology to corrupt and destroy whateer industry they may work in. They have destroyed education and now groom little children with sexual perversion and recist hate, they have destrpyed medicine and now say the same sex attraction and transgenderism is actually normal, they have destroyed science with climate nnsense, and they have destroyed law enforcement by acting more like the Gestapo then law abiding FBI agents.

Mark Levin: The FBI is turning into the East German Stasi

The GOP is turning into the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany 1933.

I can write a whole book about it and have the same credibility as Mark Levin.

Yea right, @Unitedwestand, and Trump is Hitler.

You post about your opposition to taking drugs, but sometimes your posts make it seem like you are high on something, and it sure isn’t happiness.

I saw a thread in here, something about how you cannot have an honest conversation with a socialist and Marxists, how they just descend into nonsense to avoid facts. I need to el bumpo that one up.

Happy Easter BTW

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Found it

Been spit sober since 2012 minus the three times I tried a small about of cannabis in 2018. I suffer from bipolar disorder so my mood swings.

Yeah and Nancy Pelosi is Stalin right. It’s not hyperbole it’s history repeating itself.

Well, you are the one who compared the Republican Party to the “National Socialists Worker Party.” Read your quote:

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You guys keep calling us commies and socialists. I’m like well Flip Cops, Flip Stalin, Flip anything I didn’t consent to… so thinking goes oh were missing out on the hyperbole lets call them radical traditionalist anti-intellectual knee jerk anti-democratic death squads what’s another word for that oh yeah Nazi’s. You’re not like actual nazi’s right they were a thing of the 1930s and 1940s you another generic violent antidemocratic right wing movement that will capsize in time as many have come and gone. Sad the party that ugh was started to end slavery became slavery.

In a delightful repudiation of the Biden DOJ, a January 6 defendant is exonerated of four separate charges. How did he pull it off? By showing that the police let him into the Capitol

Right they feed them to the machine. It was a test run it was a larger dry run what you guys are one Ashley Babbit down? I hunker down after all of elections but they are going to be spectator sports at some point. Seeing people die in real time in Ukraine its like that but the capital some hunger games stuff ya know.

The real question is how many more Ashley Babbits until you stop electing extremists and the other side does too?

The Left-wing Media love to portray January 6th as an insurrection, feeding their narrative that Trump supporters were intent on destroying America. Yet, as the DOJ hunts down legitimate peaceful protesters from that day, they continue to conceal video of the event from public view. Now, join Mark as he examines new footage that exposes the government’s political agenda. Will justice ever be truly served?