Democrats Rape and Molest Childrens' Minds

There’s a new kind of education being pushed in schools all across the nation that can only be described as “disgusting.” It’s SO disgusting that if Glenn were to re-share the images with you without blurring, he could be lawfully prosecuted to endangering children. America: we’re at the end of the road. What are we afraid of?! We MUST stand up, because there’s more than precious freedom at stake. Now, our children are in danger. And if Biden wins, we’ll face something far worse than the loss of our voice: we’ll lose our children to darkness. There are OUR CHILDREN, and we MUST stop evil dead in it’s tracks and drive it back to the dark abyss from which it came.

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This SCARY, virtual homework assignment shows how the left is brainwashing YOUR KIDS

One mother in Fayette County, Kentucky mother recently shared online the virtual homework assignment given to her child: read an article about the NBA boycott of playoff games in response to a police shooting, and answer questions about the story. But the questions are ENTIRELY biased. Glenn warns: with social media, technology, and now with virtual learning, the left has a SCARY hold on your kids. Glenn predicts we’re at the edge of times that have been foretold since the beginning of times, and we must pray hard for our children so they don’t turn to darkness


Teacher complains online learning lets parents see ‘what happens’ at ‘gender/sexuality’ lessons | News | LifeSite. #DemocratsArePedophiles

This, sadly had been an issue for many years now, as the liberal has been in a battle with the righteous for the minds of the children. Since the early sixties, a slow progression has been on the move to first retrain teachers into the neo-socialist movement, that has slowly been brought to first the high schools and middle schools and now into the grade schools. People have complained, and have been shut down, through innuendo. But much of this blame has to be on mainstream American as we have abdicated our responsibilities to teach and fully parent our children, leaving it up to schools and daycare centers. Latchkey children became the norm during the late sixties and now children hardly see their parents. But the do see others who have a greater influence on these children than they should. Now how to wrest back that responsibility?

Good post. I’m not sure how you wrest it back when the parents themselves today are the product of such propaganda and corruption.