Democrats "Star" Witness William Taylor sat on the Board of Ukranian NGO with Deep Ties to George Soros

Except HE worked for President Trump…not the other way around. When are you leftie fools EVER going to understand that the PRESIDENT sets foreign policy, military policy, etc., NOT the permanent bureaucrats in the various elements of the Executive Branch? It’s within the President’s authority to ask for assistance from ANYONE to investigate or enforce the laws of this land–including foreigners. There is nothing “illegal” about that and the transcript and subsequent testimony BY the Ukrainian president PROVES that there was no quid pro quo

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Sure, it crosses the line and people step forward, as they are, when the President stops working in the interest of the nation and begins using foreign policy to further his personal interests.

That doesn’t prove squat. You of all people should know that.

You walk into a home where suspected domestic abuse has occurred, the wife says “this black eye?, Oh yeah, it hit it on a door knob”.

Do you as a detective say, “Ok guys, wrap it up! She says it was a door knob!”…Ukraine is fighting a hot war with Russia and they need our help and pissing off the administration is the best way to ensure that help won’t come. You’re the one being obtuse if you think otherwise.

WHAT “crosses the line?” The fact that President Trump asked the Ukrainian president to assist AG Barr and others in ferreting out what the Dim-wits did in Ukraine in 2016 to try and steal another election and asked him to look into the SCANDAL involving Biden and son? Just HOW is that “crossing the line?”

He (the Ukrainian president) says he didn’t even KNOW that a hold had been placed on the foreign aid at the time of the phone call, and the aid DID come 2 weeks later WITHOUT any new investigation of Burisma being initiated by Ukraine. Are you REALLY as oblivious to reality as you seem to be here?

Again, not to abuse the word…But obtuse seems to apply here.

There is no problem, NONE, with using diplomatic channels to work with Ukrain in uncovering suspected corruption. Sending Rudi G along working for members of the Russian mafia to conduct rogue foreign policy and withholding aid that has been approved by Congress as a condition of investigating your political rivals…There is where it crossed the line.

The only people that Trump has been helping, especially recently is, Himself, Iran, Russia, Saudia Arabia and Turkey, while he smears the US in name and reputation in virtually every democratic western country in the world.

The only corruption is in the Adam Schiff committee. They are people who are making up stuff and trying to do all they can to keep an elected president from doing his job.

So, what is this a search for the truth, or a dramatic performance? This is not an episode of Bull or All Rise. This is matter that affects the ability of the Federal Government to function.

I now know that you, Mr. Brown, want this president fail. That is more important to you than any issue that faces this country. And don’t give me any more of your garbage about how you are not a Democrat. You know and parrot all of their talking points, and you go back to issues, like Bengazi that helped to sink Hillary Clinton.

I am a Republican. I don’t make any bones about it. The last time I voted for a Democrat for president was in 1976 when I worked for and voted for Carter. By 1980 I had had enough. I learned that as a While Male, there was no longer a place for me in their party. I decided going home from work on Election Night that I would vote for Reagan, and I have never looked back.

Why don’t you come clean instead playing games. You aren’t changing any minds with your “I am an independent” charade. It makes you less credible because it’s dishonest.

Nope, just a technique used by law enforcement, lawyers and Congressional committees to ferit out those who lie and deceive.

How do you know that? You don’t know that any more than the other things you claim to know.

You’re creating your little strawman based on your perception of what I believe is the way you rationalize defending the indefensible.

See, I’ve already said in other posts, as reprehensible as I think it is that you defend Trump’s behavior, I believe you want what’s best for this country as you see it. Despite our deep, deep ideological positions, I think you genuinely believe the things you say. I guess I just have more respect for you than you respect me.

That’s ok though, I don’t need your respect, but from where I sit, it says a lot about you and the kind of person you are.


I’m not going to be who you need me to be to be in your own mind.

BS, of course…again! You bring out your BEST testimony in order to make your case and bolster that testimony with other, ancillary testimonies. You don’t have the least clue about any of this in reality.

We KNOW who you are, CSB. You’ve made that abundantly clear for as long as you’ve been posting here.

Now THAT’S a literally INSANE comment. The Russian mafia? Out of whose ass did you pull THAT little gem? Nobody…including Rudy G…has threatened to “withhold aid”. Are you REALLY this stupid, or is it an act of some sort?

Only in your mind.

I grow weary of this back and forth. It will come out in time and yes, you can accuse me of not having evidence to back up my claim, I have neither the desire nor the willingness to do the work collecting the evidence for you as you and others will ignore it with a hand-wave…You can watch it in the liberal media or maybe on Chris Wallace’s show on Fox News.

Yes, Mr. Brown, I learned as a White Mail that there was no place for me in the Democrat Party.

I worked in corporate America for 30 years. One of the very first job interviews I took, the Employment Office person told me that they could not hire me because they had a quota to fill, and as I white male, I was disqualified. I eventually got a position in another division of the same company.

After I finished my MBA, I got a job with the Phone Company. A court decided that AT&T had discriminated against women. Once more a quota was put in place for hiring and promotions. There had to be two women promoted for every man who was promoted. My supervisor told me that things had actually gotten better. It was down from a four to one ratio. Oddly enough, even the African-American males got shortchanged under this system. African-American females had it made.

How did the system work? Mostly young women fresh out of college got the promotions. The older women, who had been with the company for years, and perhaps had been treated unfairly didn’t get them. The young women who waged their tail in the bosses’ face got them. Not the older women who played it straight.

This was still going on when I left the company Mr. Brown. In 1984, Walter Mondale ran on a platform that supported quotas in jobs and hiring. People with more qualifications and experience had to wait because of quotas.

Today the Democrats are even more radical. You need to be a far left female, a racial minority (but not Asian as it turns out), gay, an illegal alien or have some sort of sexual abnormality to be on their good side. There are reasons why the Democrats do not poll well among White males.

**You can call me a bigot until hell freezes over, Mr. Brown. I lived with this for 30 years. So roll your eyes. I don’t care. The Democrats drove me out of their party. Later on I found many more reasons not to be a Democrat. **


It’s so hard being white, huh?

Yes, in some companies it was and probably still is. There are studies that now show that young boys are getting shortchanged in education and other ways. More women are now graduating from college than men, some people are concerned about it.

From the New York Slime’s story:

The phrases do not fundamentally change lawmakers’ understanding of the call, which was first reported by the C.I.A.

TRANSLATION: There’s no there there.


If you just move out from in front of the TV you might have better answers than the MSM talking points that you use.

First, Trump has no hand in the translating or the creation of the transcript!

Second, there were, from my understanding three translators that sat together and discussed what was said in the phone call.

When vindman wanted to ‘insert’ additional ‘information’ into the transcript … None of the others would agree to it!

Out of at least three translators only the Registered Foreign Agent Vindman wanted to ‘insert’ what wasn’t in the phone call!

Yes, you read that right!

Vindman is a Ukrainian registered foreign agent!

With a security clearance (obviously) and access to both the President and the rest of the White House???

In THIS current atmosphere, you’re damned RIGHT!

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