Democrats "Star" Witness William Taylor sat on the Board of Ukranian NGO with Deep Ties to George Soros

Vindman also met with and advised Ukrainian officials on how to “handle” Rudi Giuliani.

Because a battle about truth is more like a gunfight than a boxing match where you make tentative strikes to test the defenses. Either what you’ve got will penetrate, or it won’t. Leading with weak evidence would be a sign that manipulation is afoot.

Actually, I’ve wondered about this, too. Why don’t we know who he or she is?

It has come out that Vindman was actually Ukrainian-born, so a previous comment I posted was wrong–about him learning Ukrainian at DLI.

At this point, why does it matter? The things the whistle blower have said have been corroborated multiple times, including by people in Trump’s administration. The Inspector General, I believe, knows the identity of the whistle blower. Are you suggesting that the IG is in on some sort of ruse?

That said, you tend to be more reasonable, so I will say, if the whistle blower is made up and does not exist, then, regardless of everything that’s been learned and even if everything reported is true, faking a whistle blower, IMO, should be a crime.

That said…I’m curious.

If there is no whistle blower, how is it that Devin Nunez is leaking the whistle blowers name?

Yes, he and his family fled Ukraine when he was 3.

So what? Do you even know that that means…

For example Unlike a traditional principal-agent relationship (what we think of as spying), an agency relationship under FARA does not require “direction” or “control” by the principal over the agent, or even the consent of either party. Instead, it can be created if someone in the U.S. acts at the mere “request” of a foreign principal.23 So, for example, if a nonprofit in Chicago sets up a public meeting at the “request” of a
Canadian nonprofit partner to discuss the best way to fight the opioid epidemic, the Chicago nonprofit would arguably need to register as a “foreign agent”. This is because by setting up a public meeting the Chicago nonprofit is attempting to influence U.S. public opinion on a domestic policy issue atthe “request” of a foreign principal (i.e. the Canadian nonprofit).

Saying that Vindman is a “Registered Foreign Agent” acting in the best interests of Ukraine is a claim, at this point, completely without merit. It’s an attempt to weaponize FARA for political means.

And yes, the Dems have done it too.

As far as what was on the call, neither you or I know, but If it is as you so, why is the transcript, that was unclassified and released to the public currently siting on a classified server never intended to host transcripts between the President and foreign heads of state?

I don’t believe Vindman because he said it. I believe him because of all the other people who have stepped forward to corroborate the claim. I believe him because the Republican side of the story keeps changing as new information comes to light. I believe Vindman because of all the blatant lies Trump and his surrogates have been caught in. Lastly, I believe Vindman because Trump and Republicans have said NOTHING about the substance of the claim and instead is arguing on grounds of procedure and unfairness.

The DOJ should have investigated and released a report to Congress, rather they chose to allow Congress to take the lead and here we are.

We know that a dozen people listened to the phone call and only THIS guy wanted to insert something into the transcript that the other listeners objected to.

“All the other people” are testifying based on hearsay evidence. You can get a world full of witnesses using that.

If Vindman is, in fact, a registered foreign agent for the Ukraine, I am not all thrilled with having him serving in the highest levels of our government. You should not be in that position with two masters.

You make vague claims like this all the time. Would care to tell specifically what these lies are?

Testimony given is not all limited to hearsay.

If you had bothered to read what I posted, you’d know that Vindman does not take orders from the Ukrainian government. Read what I posted if you wish to understand, otherwise, I’ll assume you wish to stay ignorant on the topic.

Why? So you can can ignore them, make excuses for them and/ or deny them? It get’s old, really old.

The typical answer of someone WITHOUT any real answers.

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Irony alert

By the way…Slight correction…You don’t have the “transcript”, even though people keep referring to it as that. It is a “Memorandum”. Nowhere is this document referred to as a “transcript”. If it was it would be a word for word accounting of EXACTLY what was said.

We see elipses used in this document which tells us words have been removed.

For example…

I may have mentioned it before but it is worth repeating.

Vindaman met with Ukrainian officials and advised them on how to handle Rudi Giuliani.

There’s a hella of a lot here, fully documented from primary sources:

NOTE: Content begins at 18 minutes into the video.

I’ll take a look soon and respond