Democrats Support Infanticide: Change My Mind

I have an unpopular position here. I agree with abortion very early in the pregnancy. My reasons are partially personal.

My maternal grandmother, who I never met, had kidney problems. After her fourth child, my mother, her doctors told her not to get pregnant again because it would seriously affect her health. Unfortunately, she became pregnant. Her doctors urged her to have an abortion, but she refused because she could not kill her child. This was in the late 1920s.

She carried the child to term, but she died of kidney failure within four years. My mother lost her mother when she was 16 years old. For that reason, my mother was a pro-choice Republican.

I don’t think that the government should be involved in decisions like that. BUT I also believe that the decision should be made early in the pregnancy.

When the Democrats came up with their late term abortion policies and made it into an ultimatum that it was their way or nothing, I had to say, “NO.” If it is either the Democrats’ radical abortion program or the pro- life position, given that choice I have to agree with the pro-life faction.

Killing a viable child is murder. There is not getting around it.

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It’s very possible at 24 weeks or later.

I don’t understand why any Abortion after that point occur; it’s possible for the fetus to live independently from the mother, so why not just deliver?

I don’t see how “the mother’s life is at stake” can apply as a rationale, given that the fetus has to come out. That’s non negotiable by that point, so why not deliver?

At that late of stage, they often do. Abortion that late is frequently performed via induced labor. And nearly all states have passed laws saying doctors must provide care if the fetus shows signs of life.

However, in the context of my post, we were discussing a proposed Illinois law forcing “life-saving” care in abortion at 12 weeks if the fetus shows any signs of life. That young we can’t save currently, anything younger than ~19 weeks would be a medical breakthrough and some kind of world record. Palliative care is given in these circumstances, like in hospice.

The part I was saying was cruel was attempting to force doctors and patients to go through costly and futile procedures with a fetus that has absolutely no chance of survival rather than just providing comfort.

Common sense. Don’t expect a Democrat to have it.

Yes, the life of the mother is the reason they use. As a woman myself, I can say that is crap. The idea of any mother killing her child in order to save her own life is pure evil.

Every parent who, when faced with some sort of life or death choice between them and their child, would always sacrifice themselves to save their child. And that is what we are talking about, a child, not a fetus. This thread is all abut full complete grown babies.

Any woman who would have such a procedure to save her life does not deserve her life as far as I am concerned.

My God, this person does not get it. Apparently it does not think that murdering a full grown child (its not a fetus., its a full grown child) is not cruel, but a costly procedure is cruel. You are a sick degenerated person. Absolutely despicable, as I suspected from the first.

And by the way, your little message to me, telling me to stop calling you things like evil/satanic and demonic: I don’t cut deals with the devil. You are everything I said you are. You defend the wanton murder of full grown children. That is evil and demonic. Stop messaging me.

PEOPLE: We are talking about fully grown babies in this thread, not a fetus.

A movie was made about a man who committed this evil act and got busted.

They don’t. And the pro-life position is getting a boost because of it. Dems are having to be more careful in primaries (at least in some places; California, NYC, etc. are pretty much hopeless).

SendGOP misrepresented something regarding the rules, and I’ll clarify. Personal attacks, whether they be left on right, right on left, or none of the above are out of bounds. The rule of thumb is: Attack the post, not the poster. Saying “what you posted is crap” (hopefully with a thoughtful explanation as to why you feel it’s crap) is okay. Calling someone a liar, fascist, etc. is not.

It’s a discussion forum, not an echo chamber. It’s conservative home turf, but even the original founding owner of RO welcomed liberals. And as long as they obey the rules, they still are. Same with conservatives.

But they do. As I said in the remainder of my post which you cut off, I am afraid it is not good enough for someone to say, Yes, I vote Democrat, but I do not support all their policies .” No sir, not good enough when those policies are sheer evil and include infanticide. Those who enable with their votes those Dems in power bear the guilt for the crimes against humanity of the Democrat party. Their vote is their support. Actions matter more than words.

So if someone blatantly lies through their teeth you cannot call that person a liar? If someone said for example, “All Republicans are members of the KKK”, I could not call that person a liar? Seriously?

I guess your forum is not for me then. I call liars liars. You seem to let socialist leftists rule the roost on your “Republican” (ha!) forum. I have scanned the threads are leftist control your board, and we are not allowed to call these evil liars liars.

Okay, its your board. Have fun kissing the arses of the people who are destroying your nation. Make sure you vote for Mitt.

The best strategy is to put the blatantly offensive people on “ignore.” It’s not worth bothering with them because all they will do is play games. They will give you half a carrot and say they agree with you when they are really just trying to draw you in. I have no respect for those who play the “catfish game” of misrepresenting their positions for whatever reason.

That’s your choice. Although if you stick around and keep up the insults, it won’t be.

Being a conservative doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice civility on the altar of your self-righteousness.

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what kind of response is that FC??

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Nope, it just means the that far left can walk all over you. Your rights mean nothing. They can take your current income and confiscate your savings and you must remain quiet. You can’t say anything about the person no matter how rotten or dishonest they are. The far left has no such restrictions. They can call you any name they want.

My wife and I disagreed over the recent Supreme Court decision to decline ruling on a flower arranger who refused to do an arrangement for a same sex marriage. I said that that the activists could go to someone else. She said that a public business should forced to service everyone. I asked her what they could do about NAMBLA, the pediphile organization. Don’t think that I am crazy. The Democrats have a big tent for perversity.

The Democrats might well support NAMBLA. The time might come where you can be sued if you don’t use the right pronouns in front of sexually diverse groups.

What can a business do then? Will the Supreme Court support NAMBLA? If this action is an indication, they might. Can you call the people who support that rotten? Not here.


We’re fighting a war where the rules of engagement only exist for our side.


Yes, the rules for us; for them the rules are made to be broken. Riot, loot, burn … it’s all in keeping with the American Fascist Revolutionary movement. Nothing comes from their lawless acts. Have a group crazies storm the Capitol once, and for the left, it’s an event equal to 9-11.


Ask any democrat what the absolute most terrifying moment of their life was, I mean the most horrific thing they’ve ever seen, and it was… the day ANTIFA stormed the capitol disguised as republicans.

AOC is now in therapy because of that day. A picture of her should appear in the dictionary beside the word “snowflake.”

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Thank you to the last six posts above this post. I am glad that the goos people here agreed with me.

BS, quit trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Really “cases where the fetus was dead” How do you abort a dead fetus? After you scramble its brains with a scissors?


As Bill Clinton said “Lie your @$$ off unless they have pictures.” Will a video do? Shortly after the one minute and 15 second mark, Gov. Northam talks about keeping the INFANT comfortable after birth while the mother and doctor decide its fate and being resuscitated IF that is their decision.