Democrats want to prosecute entities that spread "lies" about global warming


The Democrats now have it in their platform that corporations, like Exxon, that dispute "the truth about global warming"should be prosecuted by the Justice Department. So much for the First Amendment

Liberal Fascism is coming is coming to America faster, that some of you might think. Go ahead. Sit on your hands, waste your vote and help elect Hillary president because you are not happy with the choice. Who knows what prosecutable offense will be added to the Government’s list? Maybe you will be next.


Um, aren’t they the ones that are “disputing the truth?”



This is how it start, go after EXXON, then its a smaller company, finally its mom and pop who run a Convenience store, then its individuals. Anyone who does not believe that is STUPID and in fact should be gone after.

The study of how Hitler amassed power in the 10 years leading up to WWII is jaw dropping, I have done a lot of study on how Hitler amassed power and I am seeing it growing and festering like a boil. Tyranny is alive and getting more healthy every day here in America…