Dems cry foul as Sondland and Vindman get the boot out of the Whitehouse

The Democrats are screaming bloody murder because President Trump is removing Gordon Sondland and Alexander Vindman from their positions at the Whitehouse. Biden got the lemmings at the Democrat debate to give Vindman a standing ovation. :rage:

What do these Democrat clowns expect? Do they think that Obama would have kept disloyal aids around who leaked information to the hostile press and testified to have him removed from office? Any organization that keeps disloyal employees in place is never going to succeed.

Trump has done what he had to do, and if more people of this ilk come to light, send them packing. If you are working for the administration and disagree with its policy, resign. It is the only honorable thing to do.

They serve at the pleasure of the president.

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Rather Amusing…and I didn’t think of it in this way…Don Jr. thanks Adam Schifty Schiff for his great investigative work in exposing the untrustworthy in the White House. Thanks to Schifty, The Administration was able to remove both Vindmans and Sondland.


It is truly amazing to see what Trump as accomplished despite at totally uncooperative Democrat congress and disloyal people within his administration who have leaked information to the hostile press. Yes, sending Vindman, his twin brother and Sondland out to pasture is a plus. Let’s hope that more of these malcontents can be purged. If they disagree with administration policy, then they owe it to the country to resign in their air their grievances.

It’s one thing to disagree with the management WITHIN the organization. That is healthy. It’s another to remain within the organization and try to sabotage it from within.

The Democrats, who are now howling, should ask themselves this question. If someone on Nancy Pelosi’s staff was leaking dirt to the press, would they support keeping that person on her staff? If they answer “yes” they are lying.

They should be happy that they are not in jail; yet :rofl: